I love this old Jimmy Reed classic… and though you might know it done by Gary Moore, it lends itself to playing acoustic and singing along, accompanying your own voice.

So I thought I’d take some time today and show you how I like to play it when I’m performing it in this fashion.

Hope you enjoy and try it out for yourself today.

    20 replies to "Walking By Myself Solo Arrangement"

    • Paul B

      This is what makes guitar playing fun.

    • Gavin

      Watched the video twice. Played along the second time. Great instruction, This is why I bought BGU!!!

    • Hap

      Paul Butterfield’s version is also terrific. It is graced by an amazing solo by (then) young guitar phenom Buzzy Feiten. Thanks Griff.

    • Don Hall

      Freddie King’s version is great, too. Fun tune, hadn’t heard it before. More 8-bar stuff, please!

    • Gil Adams

      Great job, wish for the tab / to connect more to your left hand . Thanks

    • Keith Kuepfer

      Great inspirational piece, Griff! Thanks

    • Mark

      Great lesson! Thanks for breaking it down for us.

      • John Deguenther

        I like the old blues! 😎 Cool! keep it up! John on John’s Island 🌴, SC.

        • James Edwards

          Hey worked at the Boeing plant for a while back in 2011 went to a Reggae fest on John’s Island. Beautiful place.

    • Chris CLEMANS

      Woops Great.

    • Chris CLEMANS

      That was great for Griff!!

    • Louis Ogden

      Good one. Thanks Griff!

    • William Peterson

      Very cool, one of my favorite tunes. Gary Moore did some wonderful stuff.

    • Jim P.

      Thanks for giving a song . Keep them coming.

    • Dennis Berkley

      Jimmy Rogers is correct. He was Muddy’s guitar man in the ’50’s.

    • tony

      I am sure the train thing You did is also done by SRV in his tune Pride and joy . Just do not bend the E string it just does not sound correct . Get that neck tweeked a bit and it will be fine or hang it by its neck when not using it and that works too . I did that for years with my acoustic and did a electric bass that way to but also backed off on the string tension . A good tune for the porch .

    • Barry Butler

      Hi Griff, is it possible to post the tab

    • Barrty Butler

      Hi Griff, could you please put the tab up. Thank you


      So much fun. Thank you.

      Oh by the way. I just looked it up. I think it was created by Jimmy Rogers originally. I like the gary Moore version but I honestly like yours best. Keep em coming you’re awsome.


      So much fun. Thank you.

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