Nothing makes me happier as a guitar teacher than seeing a student really “get it” and run with it.

In this case one of our fearless BGU forum moderators, Wayne, took it upon himself to create a cool Muddy Waters style lesson to share with our community. And I have to say, he did a pretty darn good job…

Wayne was kind enough to let me share it with all of you. Personally I like it acoustic style with the fingers instead of the pick… but I was listening to Hendrix’s version of Catfish Blues and this same idea works killer with a Strat and a Marshall.

I hope you enjoy it… I’m extremely proud to be able to share it with you. Big Thanks to Wayne for making this video and showing how to put the elements together simply but effectively. The TAB is downloadable below the player.

Here is the PDF of the TAB
This video is Here (Thanks Wayne!)

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    • Jay

      Thanks Wayne. I really enjoy playing these licks. Do you have any other licks that work well with this E blues?

    • billbill

      Hay Wayne, GREAT JOB!!! Ignore the critics. Come on guys he is not a teacher he is a guy sharing what he has learned and honestly he breaks it down pretty clearly. Oh and theres these two amazing little things called a pause button and a rewind button that you might just want to check out if things go by too fast weather in this video or one of Griffs. Don’t recall seeing any videos from any of you who had any negative words for him!

    • Ernest Peterson

      I love Muddy Waters. He is a whole new experience in the Blues genre.

    • Corky

      Nice job Wayne, I like the base E and high E rhythm and it has a very distinctive haunting beat. GOOD JOB and keep up the practice and can tell your playing level is good.

    • Cynicure

      Hi Wayne… Griff’s right, you’ve really ‘got it’. Sounding really cool.

      As you say, that blues is pure Muddy Waters, and what cools licks they make when you bung ’em all in a row like that!

      It is a cool tune to play around with too… I like to play it just a little bit ‘up-beat’ and really swing it. Though I love it your way too; your way has something of the feel of a ‘gator, gliding through a swamp… a hint of menace!

      I’ll try to post a recording of my version of this on the BGU website soon. Been a while since I posted anything there, but I’ve also just completed Griff’s ‘Classic Rock Guitar’ course…

      After which, learning this little ‘blues’ of your’n was as easy as falling off a log.

      Cya later dude! Keep on plucking! πŸ˜€

    • John

      Wayne,great job thanks for lesson.Pay no attention to mud slingers below, jealousy is root of all mediocre players

    • Tony Ryan

      Perfect teaching technique, Wayne. Your patient breakdown means even a musical dummy like me can learn to play cool-sounding blues.

    • Tony Dyrsmid

      Hey Wayne. Nice work. I will be joining you every night to run through this rockin’ Melody. Cheers, Tony

    • Jose Luis Gonzalez

      Hi Wayne,
      Good job, what I would recommend is buying a better guitar, you deserve it and will play much easier and will sound better.
      Take Care!

    • Joyce

      Thank you Wayne!

    • rustie

      Boring voice, boring lesson and poor playing. No enthusiasm, just a drone. Lighten up Wayne and smile occasionally. This is the kind of “lesson” that could put people off guitar for life!

      • James

        This is one of those comments you should keep to yourself rustie. I think Wayne did a great job. Sometimes it’s hard to talk to a camera and not sound boring, but Wayne did a good job and you should be a little more supportive. Wayne, keep playing the guitar, you’re doing great!

    • Robyn

      Well done Wayne. Thank you.

      • Chaplain Ed


        Really? At least he’s trying. Lighten up.

    • David Allan

      That’s right on!
      Yes, there can be endless little variations that can happen as you play to add that SOUL!

    • arthur

      nice and clear

    • johnc

      Good on you Wayne, excellent work and nice to see you again. I didn’t mind the format of your lesson and it possibly depends on where one is on their guitar learning journey. Yes I agree as some have said an initial play though being good for some players but may be a bit intimidating for others to be hit with the whole thing straight up as in thinking “I won’t be able to play that”. Easing in to it was OK for me building on each lick as you did made sense and not such an immediate overload. One can just jump to the end of the lesson clip at any time to see how it all comes together if they prefer and I guess you could always mention a timeline for those who wish to do that.

    • Dale Lee

      Thanks Waynye and Griff appreciate you showing some former students. For some reason I don’t play in E a lot but when I do I catch myself in this area of the pentatonic scale. YOu can hang out all day .

    • Dean

      I tuned my guitar down 2 full steps, it made these bends alot easier on my fingers with my semi-acoustic and I double fingered the G-tring bend to the pull-off. Thanks Wayne, I enjoyed your lesson.

    • Pat

      Wayne, thank you.
      Griff, thank you for presenting it.
      Now to dig out the low quality Ibanez acoustic and get it on.

    • Rohn

      Kewell Licks Wayne thanks I like your guitar

    • DaveyJoe

      Good stuff Wayne! Thanks for that.

    • Paul Fulkerson

      I like it! I’d like to learn the song! Is there a complete song with lyrics? Please post! thanks

    • Kevin O'Sullivan

      Sorry – that should read ‘lick by lick’

    • Kevin O'Sullivan

      Really nice one Wayne. Loved the way you broke it down, lock by pick – and gave alternative ways of playing the licks. Great stuff

    • Ray

      Nice one Wayne – great sound

    • CZ

      Thanks Wayne. Nice groove! reminds me of Paul Rodgers on “Muddy Water Blues”. Cheers.


      Thanks Wayne . Nice lesson. Learned a lot.

    • David Lewis

      Thanks Wayne.

    • wayne

      thanks …nice job explaining some licks!

    • byron soirez

      thanks griff for posting i really liked it,thanks wayne

    • Mike McClain

      GREAT lesson! Thanks a lot!

    • CRAIG S


    • nathalie

      Hi! Well,so well explain, it take me 10 minutes to learn! Big thanks Wayne!

    • Temple Weste

      love the sound, Wayne, thanks. well done. Always grateful for the PDF of the TAB.

    • Mark

      Wayne, that was tasty. πŸ˜‰ Really, thanks for sharing what you learned / discovered, buddy. I enjoyed evvery minute of it and like all other times I ‘rub elbows’ with another fellow musician I come away inspired. Thanks!

    • Dan

      Did anybody else notice the COOL CAT? And I don’t mean Wayne. Didn’t see him until the about the 5th view of the video.

    • Juris

      It was brilliant for me !
      Thanks a lot !
      Maybe something else?

      Best regards — Juris

    • Wayne

      Hi Wayne, . Mucho gusto! Loved it & it is one I will definitely learn & fairly quickly at that. Thanks for the breakdown & friendship to go to the trouble to share. Ditto to Griff! Many thanks again. Warm regards from down under. Wayne

    • Eddy J

      Awesome Lesson, Thanks! Man that sound is IT!

    • Bob H.

      Cool lesson and absolutely gorgeous guitar!
      Nice work!

    • XOXO

      Great riff, gives me something to work on. Idiotwind has a good point regarding teaching methods. His suggestion comes from a basic course in communications. This approach is used by communicators everywhere. It works well for speeches, sales, marketing, debating, teaching and preaching. Anytime really where information needs to be given to an audience ( of one or a thousand). Simply put the idea goes:

      Tell’em what you’re going to say.


      Tell’em what you told them.

      The first part preps the audience as to what it’s about to hear. Kind of gets folks minds warmed up so they can start filing info right away. The second part is the guts. The wisdom you wish to impart in all it’s glorious detail. The third part reinforces part two. This helps to collect the individual bits of what was said and puts it all in place. At the end the audience has heard the information three times in maybe slightly different ways.

      Thanks to Idiotwind for bringing this up. This strategy has helped me many times. I hope it can help others.

    • Paul

      Thanks. Good stuff!

    • Nigel Hunt

      Nice one Wayne – good luck with your musical career.

    • Tim Young

      Watch out Griff!!!

    • Steve Walker

      Thanks Wayne! Awesome.

    • Jim

      Hi Wayne, inspirational man, cool video keep on…

    • Kurt

      Very inspiring, well done. Being an old dog myself who worked so many years trying to support a family, now trying to learn new tricks. I find it can be do too. Way bitchen Wayne. Thanks, Old Dog Tricks.

    • geronimo

      great tip

    • Russell Rhoades

      Very Good Sound and could be used with other blues songs

    • Harold

      WMP cannot play this video

    • jimmy

      great set of licks,well,taught,,this one’s gonna be alotta fun,,thx for the lesson wayne and good job of showing us how its done !!! hopefully maybe see some more,,?

    • Karalis

      Nice job and a good start Wayne…keep at it and it’ll keep getting better…it’s a tuff job to put yourself out there…in front of a camera or a live audience…all alone & on your own…I think that what you do is develop little strategies to help you cope…and I think that goes for anybody and everybody…no matter how big or successful one gets. Anyway nice lesson..I loved the groove and will pursue it …

      Thanks and keep it up

    • forby

      spot on marra even i can get a bit of this

    • Alex Paul

      Good job..

    • Bluesrock

      Very interesting, thank you.

    • Jane

      I like it!!!! Thanks Wayne

    • dwayne oxner

      i really liked this ,i think it is rather difficult, but i will keep practicing. thanks

    • Idiotwind

      I like your video except there is not one of you who knows how to teach, this includes Hamlin and Murnahan, sorry to be so blunt guys but this is so-o-o fruatrating! Hear me out, puh-leeze! You ALL need to begin your video lessons with demonstrating, or playing through first of all, what it is that you are about to teach, then move on to teach, or tear down, what you have just played, then you summarize what you have just taught, it’s a 1 – 3 step approach. You begin with saying 1.) “Here is what you are going to learn” (then play the melody, song, or whatever) all the way through; 2.) then you say, “I will now do the breakdown” after which you go on to step # 3.) where you are doing the summarization saying “Here is what you have just learned” very simply put, and then play the song all the way through once again. In this video you begin at # 2.) as happens to often in other videos by Hamlin and Murnahan so the student has no idea what you are talking about. Not to be sarcastic or mean spirited you guys but there’s nothing like a frustrated musician….lol! Other than your lack of teaching methodology, I do enjoy what you are teaching.

      • Topaz Tschinnery

        You have hit the nail square on the head – play it first – show how is how it is done – summarize what you have done – and for the coda, play it again, closing with “this is what you will sound like once you have it under your fingers”. Clear and concise – well done for bringing this to the attention of the viewers – we would all learn a lot more quickly if your suggestion was a mandatory format.

      • Pat

        I find in Griff’s full course lessons he does just what you advocate. The daily email blips may be lacking explanation but they are for students of varying ability. He often begins with the caveat, “If you are not familiar with such and such this will be very difficult for you.”

    • jeff h

      thanks Wayne! maybe THE most addictive piece yet. I cannot quit playing it and improvising on it. Absolutley sweet!

      Thanks again,
      Jeff H.

    • Dale Morgan

      Cool…..thanks Wayne ….It’s great to see just what other users of BGU are doing and coming up with…gives the rest of us a nice feeling of being a collective….keep up the great work…..I’ll be trying a few of your licks tonight I’m sure!…….Cheers Mate!

    • Keith Robison

      Wayne: I’ve been looking for something just like this for a long long time. Thanks, man.

    • ricky

      hey man I luved it awesome,,thats alot like my dad played with his finger and I,ve always play straight pic but ,, this is giving me alot of inside on how my dad played and bless his soul,,RIP eugene rhodes,,he play in the rodger miller band back in the 70 and 80s,,just awesome and thanks for sharing,,already got it down ,,thanks again and happy holidays to you and griff,,,later!!

    • RichS


    • jeff

      Love the sound I can’t say I’m playing like you but it sounds good to me and Ive learnd more rifts.. funkeep it coming , Please

    • Victor Robles

      great job look forward in learning it..

    • RandallLee

      Fun, I’m playing right along with you on this one and it is great.

    • RickyB

      Very well done Wayne.. I love the beat and you made it easy to follow…

    • Peter Smith

      well done Wayne nice riff authentic sound very easy to follow keep them coming

    • Mike

      Great job, Wayne thanks for the share. The sound takes me back to the Delta.

    • Mark

      Thanks Mate
      Very cool and well explained – picked it up in an hour or so with practice and sounds
      great. Can’t wait for more…

    • Hal

      that was cool Wayne. can’t wait to try it out. Keep on pickin!

    • Brian

      Wayne, good on you mate, nice demo and really neat combination.

    • Steve Mackintosh

      Hi Griff
      I have your Blues Unleashed Course.Is your “Playing Thru The Blues Course” different? Does it cover the same material as the “Blues Unleashed Course”?
      Thank You
      Steve Mackintosh

    • Harry

      Great video and well done Wayne!
      FYI – the video download link appears broken.


    • Ralph Azbill

      This is an absolutely great riff and well demonstrated.
      Some more detail on the exact fingering some better camera angles and zoom
      on the cord or note fingers and a little slow mo for us beginners would be a great help. But this is a catchy riff and not to hard to get close with in a hour or two.

    • mike

      sounds great wayne thanks keep playing and sharing the blues good job

    • mike ingram

      that sounds great wayne thanks

    • David Mednick

      Thank you so much for showing how to play this. And doing a good job of it as well! You will never know how much this is really appreciated.

    • 59LPJ

      Well done Wayne, thanks for sharing and giving us something to play “on the porch” great riffs and well explained (loved the flyby that the cat did) gives me some new licks in my lick catalogue… πŸ˜‰

    • Tony B

      Great little riffs and very well explained matey, thanks

      We don’t do Thanksgiving here in Nottingham UK but hope you all enjoyed it !

      Seasons Greetings instead !

    • enrique

      Wayne That is so cool!!!!!!! Muddy Water HE is the BLUES MAN!!!!!!THANKS !!!!!!!!!!!

    • jim ford

      Hi, everybody, this is my first time to say anything. I just read the two comments on Wayne’s axe. For me they are both right. That is to say, the old delta blues expressed personal feelings that the players lived everydad, so then the message and sound was different from player to player. Just like our own voices are different, even when we say the same thing. I have two guitars, a martin 000 and a morgan monroe m00 blues guitar. Man do they sound different, however, based on how I am feeling and expressing I play a different guitar, sometimes I’ll be picken the martin, put it down pick up the morgan and just get lost in the brassier sound of the morgan, then othertimes when I want a softer deeper feel, then back comes the martin. yeah they both speak to me, it is just that my mood and feelings vary and i want my picken to be a window into soul. pick on, Jim

    • bo spring

      great sounds wayne just a few words from a scouse acu blues fan trying to play so who says the name of a guitar means better sounds we all know most of the time you get what you pay for but that does not look nor sound like a bad guitar to me i wish you all best with your music and have agreat thanksgiving you to griff ta

    • John Ashby

      Thanks Wayne, that’s just great and provides some inspiration for a mere “beginner” – I’ll keep practising.

    • Wayne

      Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

      I’m glad you liked the lesson! It was recorded using a little Flip Ultra (got it for $129 online).

      Big thanks to Griff for putting together such great material and running the best blues guitar forum on the planet!!


    • John F

      Well, done, Wayne! And thanks for sharing, Griff!

      Happy Thanksgiving to all! πŸ™‚

      ~ John F.

    • Bill

      I like it, I love it, I wont some mo of it!
      Has anyone been able to download the tab PDF?

    • Keith

      Sorry, that’s three treasures. But back to “Wayne” I sho Like the way you play them Blues.

    • Keith Price

      Great job Wayne, I bang a couple of riffs along the same line every time i pick up my guitar. dont know why i never get tired of it. I guess cause it just sounds so good and just alternating a few notes here and there you can get a lot of mileage out of it. I also have to disagree with “Sarasota Player”. I have some pretty nice guitars and i also have some pretty inexpensive guitars, and i love them all. Each one has its own personality and unique sound, and out of about 16 guitars, i can achieve any sound i want anytime i want it. In fact my latest two treasures, A beautiful sunburst “Dean hollow body palomino” I purchased last week where a guy pawned it for 50.00 bucks and gave me the pawn ticket and said go get it out and its yours. “cost” $62.50 and i love it. A Yamaha electric with small Yamaha practice amp. (a little adjustments and a new set of strings) and it plays like butter. “cost”$25.00 (flea market). A “First Act” cheap-o built on a strat style that just needed a little TLC, “cost” $5.00 bucks (yard sale). For less than ($100.00) I purchased all three of these guitars, and with the proper set up, they’ll all play beautifully.

    • Terrie

      Hi Wayne,

      Nice blues. Sounds great and is simple. That’s what I need. I’ve got to try it. Thanks. And thanks Griff; love your site.

    • Dave Zinck

      Sounds great Wayne – what does “Sarasota Player” know anyway…… I wouldn’t donate your guitar to the kid down the street πŸ™‚
      More of the same Griff!

    • Bernd

      Hallo Griff und Wayne – hallo aus Deutschland.
      Auch in Deutschland wird Blues gespielt – danke fΓΌr das schΓΆne Video!

    • John

      Thank you Griff,and Wayne.Great video,Great lesson.I always did like the deep soulful sound of the delta blues.This was truly a Thanksgiving gift that you two gave to us.God bless you both in the work that you’re doing to spread the blues.I still listen to MUDDY,HOWLING WOLF,ROBERT JOHNSON,and others.Awesome sounds were created on Flat top guitars.You are doing incredible work with the simplicity concept.

    • gary

      I’m continually blown away by the cool stuff that keeps coming our way. Thanks, Griff and Wayne, for another quality lesson.

    • Alan

      I had to respond to “Sarasota Player” and his replay comment… respectfully I think the comment about buzz in the guitar is out of line. I play a cheap-o 3/4 harmony folk I got given to me for nothing that I superglue the bridge together and some of the frets buzz. But I think it makes wonderful music in the style of the 30’s delta blues. Those guys then didn’t have professional tuners and some of them played on cigar box guitars. Those guitars were not made by luthiers. Their tuning was to tired (perhaps even intoxicated on moonshine!) ears.

      I’m not to try to be downing you “Sarasota Player” for your comment. I just think to be cooking in the delta blues you need more dashes and pinches than measuring to exact teaspons and 1/4 cups. I respectfully disagree with the poster “Sarasota Player” and want to add that it is a fine guitar, far more in tune than any you’d find along the river in the 30’s. -Alan

    • Alan

      I really appreciate you going for the older delta acoustic sounds. It was wonderful how you took something that seemed simple on their own and built in it into something you could mix up at will and get so much out of.

      I think you appreciate the fact that you don’t need to “shred” or filter through pedals and mixers to make some wonderfully awesome sounds.

      It’s amazing what someone like willie dixen could do with a few notes given to muddy to run with, like the hoochie coochie or I am a man lick.

      Thanks, please do more in this style.- Alan
      this is must haves for me in my blues deck to play.

    • Barry Ruhl

      Thanks to Wayne for the bluesy little Muddy Waters thing. I really enjoyed it and it opened some new avenues for me. And thank you Griff for all of the stuff that you do. The Blues is the heart and soul of American music. Griff, you don’t have to check on me, I have been doing my scales.

    • terry

      thanks griff and wayne …really entertaining lesson…i am out on the back porch with my MATON GUITAR trying to sound like both of you….thanks for keeping the blues alive

    • Don James

      Thanks wayne for a clear and concise blues lesson and thank Griff for putting it online. More practice for me!
      Keep up the good work.


    • Sarasota Player

      Nice Delta sound. Sounds more like Dave Van Ronk than Muddy. You have got to do something about the sound of that guitar. It reminds me of my first acoustic, an Epiphone Hummingbird. It looks like the headstock says ‘Ibanez’. Not sure Ibanez is known for quality acoustic guitars. Not sure Ibanez is known for quality, period. It looks like you have some nice other guitars. Try a Heritage or a Martin. If that is out of reach for you, right now, try a lighter gauge of strings. It seems like you are fighting the bends and the chording. Takamine makes an incredible, warm sounding guitar at a very reasonable price. EBay that Ibanez, or ‘donate’ it to the kid down the street. He’ll probably pay you for lessons.

      That cheap, hollow sound and the buzzing does not do justice to your piece, which is a nice back beat bass Delta slider. If you are going to be serious about playing an acoustic, and not just having something to throw in the back seat in a gig bag that makes less volume than an electric, invest in a quality instrument. The rewards of playing a quality acoustic are fantastic. My Martin sounds better each time I play it, as it matures with age, and the tones just keep getting sweeter.

      No, I’m not snob. It took me a long time to pony up to quality instruments, but they are a better investment than CD’s. I traded up from my ’61 SG Special to a ’72 Les Paul Deluxe, and my playing improved exponentially. I recently bought a ’80 Les Paul Custom, rewired to ’57 specs, including PAF’s, CTS pots and bumblebee caps built by a guy who worked for Gibson for 30 years. The damn thing practically plays itself. Love yourself. Your skills deserve a better horn to blow through.

      Keep writing music. You definitely have the skills and the imagination, otherwise, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I gave up casting my pearls years ago …

    • john b

      awesome really helpful
      great job
      john b.

    • Cliff

      Good job Wayne, we’ll have some more of that please, sounds great!

    • Robert

      Nice work Wayne. I’ll work on this one.

      Did you start out on Beginners Blues?

    • mark davison


    • rob

      cool ! ta.

    • William B

      I can’t play the video. Any help?

    • Paul Kearney

      Great lesson. Well presented. Would love to see one on the right hand. Keep “em coming. And, a great Thanksgiving to all.

    • tony

      Wayne, hi from uk, that was excellent. Thanks Griff for sharing that with us.

    • mike

      do know any Tony Orlando & Dawn

    • Michael

      Really great stuff Wayne! Thanks a lot. Happy Thanksgiving from Germany (Bremen) to all of you guys!

    • Ian

      Great little lesson! Thanks so much for this. Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA from us in the UK.

    • John

      Well done, dude. I’m an accomplished bass player but have no clue what to do with B and E strings (extra ones, as far as I’m concerned Hahaha) but I’m seriously interested in the blues guitar. Really enjoyed your video and have worked a bass line to it (sort of) but regardless I am really impressed with the simplicity but huge “coolness” factor you’re playing. Thanks for going to the trouble.

      P.S. Liked the pick version – sounded much smoother.

    • Frankie Uchman

      Looks and sounds great. Something a beginner like me can do. Thanks for giving.
      Peace out!

    • Chris

      Wayne.. great job on this vid! Love the sound, love the beat, keep up the great work. This Canadian wishes A Happy Thanksgiving to all my US brothers and sisters! Cheers Chris

    • joe

      I like it–Thanks Millions.
      Happy Bird Day

    • Jerry Green

      Wayne, that is pretty cool. What a gift all of this has been. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

    • Steve

      Thanks Wayne for a really neat video.

    • Jim

      Thanks on Thanksgiving. I’ve been wanting and looking for just exactly what you produced. I am excited to work on your licks and get it going. Excellent, and thanks again.

    • Tony

      I LUVS that… thanks for sharing!

    • Carl

      Wow, that’s really good Wayne. I’ve been so caught up with the electric I almost forgot about the acoustic, but this I gotta do. Hello my little “Taylor” doll, long time no see. Are you ready to ROCK!

    • Jim King

      Like the lesson; thanks, Griff, for sending the link. Question, though: what kind of camera do you guys use? I’d like to get one and upload some video but I’m in the dark when it comes to equipment. I’ve been looking at the Canon HF S200 but it’s $$$. Any suggestions for the budget-challenged? Thanks!

    • Don

      Nice Wayne! Many thanks for putting it together on video like this. It gives me another cool lick to mess with. Nice guitar. I couldn’t see the make…..what is it? Happy Thanksgiving buddy,

    • grzme

      Nice way to start Thanksgiving Day. Many thanks

    • Skye

      Great Job! Thanks so much for the lesson.

    • John

      Wayne, this is awesome! Thank you for “giving back” to the music community. As a teacher I applaud your presentation of instruction followed by guided practice. It sounds GREAT!

    • Kevin allison

      Very good job Wayne.
      Sounds great.
      Happy Thanksgiving from San Diego, Ca.

    • Dave Shephard

      Thanks Wayne. Good job. Keep up the good music.

    • Dave

      Thanks Wayne that was cool, I’ll have a go at it!!

      GRIFF! SOMETHING IMPORTANT I THINK YOU NEED TO KNOW BUT YOU WOULDN’T WANT ME TO SHARE ON HERE. So if you could send me a private email, I’ll tell you. Cheers………Dave

    • Alan Rudd

      Nice! Thanks, Wayne! Great stuff!

    • Ken

      Happy Thanksgiving to all you back porch blues pickers and your families, keepon a pickin, play loud.

    • greg

      pretty tight!!

    • gster

      Wayne,Griff Nice Acoustic sound. Nothing like it. Good one to practice on long winter nites. Thanks Wayne for sharing and good job breaking it down!

    • Rick

      Very tasty Wayne! Thanks for sharing. Good job on the video, too. I liked the hybrid picking sound, but I’ll try both. That’s a good one for picking up an acoustic at a guitar store and noodling around! Especially when you forgot a pick.

    • Recitman

      nice one Wayne

    • Jim

      Thanks for sharing this Griff!!! Wayne awesome mix! Sounds great and I have to start on this today!! Keep them coming!!! Like to hear this on the electric. πŸ™‚

    • Sonny HAauss

      Home from work and got the blues, Hope your doing better. The riff is a good mix
      of heavy and soothing real nice. thats how you kick the blues.


    • Bob Hardy

      I love it! Great job of breaking it down for the slow (and I do mean slow learning) hands like me.

    • Ed Rowley

      Thank you for posting this lesson Wayne! Fun stuff, now to go practice. πŸ™‚

    • Iain Cassidy

      Great stuff, Wayne. Really enjoyed the licks and the teaching style.

    • McAdams

      ahhh excellent, i’ll play this at the next open mic jam

    • Emi (UK)

      Nice one Wayne,
      I love this style of blues and will surely be reviewing this lesson as soon as I conquer solo 6
      HUGE thanks

    • Mr. Music

      I primarily play country music, (I know, boo-hiss-boo), but listening to Wayne’s interactive licks makes me wanna pick up my never far away acoustic and give it a pluck or two. Country music is felt in the feet, but those deep blues can only be felt in the soul. Great job guys. I would only suggest adding the second cam to closeup the fingering. (I know, whaddya want for a first video?).

    • BlueRick

      Great stuff….thanks.

    • John Thurston

      Great job Wayne,
      Griff is a fabulous teacher……… even to the more experienced guys like myself.
      Always learning something new and/or what I’ve been doing wrong for years.
      Happy Thanksgiving to all!
      John from New Jersey… USA

    • Tim Baugh

      Seriously cool Wayne – some good ideas which I’ll borrow from for my own version called Work from home blues .. (which is what I do) .. πŸ™‚

      And a happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA …

    • Gary

      Thanks Wayne and Griff. You can bet what I’ll be doing today besides eating. Would like to have seen more of the cat. I have one in my office and his name is Fender. When he was a kitten he liked to sleep in the back of my amp. Thanks again!!!

    • John

      Thanks for the cool sounds. Time to break out the axe after a big dinner. Happy Thanksgiving

    • Andrew

      Well done Will sounds great. We have a great teacher behind us
      Andrew from uk.

    • Dave

      Wayne, I loved it and you re-kindled the fire of a 67 year old day-dreamer.Thanks a stack and like Oliver Twist — I want some more.

      Griff thanks for your free stuff. When I get a pension raise or win the lottery, I will buy your stuff. You are my favourite.
      Cheers from South Africa.

    • Will

      I love these styles and always wanted to play’em. Thanks to Griff and yourself a long time dream is beginning to be realized.

    • graham

      My man that is so COOL Very Impressed cant waite to go and have
      A jam at home thank you
      Keep Bluesing
      Graham from Western Australia

    • graham

      My man that is so COOL Very Impressed cant waite to go and have
      A jam ay home thank you
      Keep Bluesing
      Graham from Western Australia

    • graham

      My man that is so COOL Very Impressed cany waite to go and have
      A jam ay home thank you
      Keep Bluesing
      Graham from Western Australia

    • Nick108

      reminiscant of hendrix ‘hear my train a coming’ wonder where he got it from, tell the truth, it was you. very nice, got some base practise in also. Thanks from nick in Ozz..

    • Jonesy Wales

      Excellent stuff! Great sound without great effort! Well explained. Thanks very much Wayne. More please.

    • Stefan

      Thank you Wayne and Griff!

    • laurin

      Very Cool Wayne.

    • chris

      excellent Wayne,Happy Thanksgiving.
      Very impressed,Guitar playing sounds great ,but you still cant get in as many words as Griff,he’s the champ at that.Seasons greetings to all.

    • Roel

      I love it!

    • tadster

      Cool Wayne. l get stagnant sometimes, but now l feel like playing…Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Grif et al.

    • Simon V

      That’s pretty good mate, you are getting the blues fundamentals down well, and important ones they all are.Not just in playing well, but knowing what you are about to play. The mind leads the hands , always. Touche!

    • Doug

      Inspirational. Great stuff. Thankyou.

    • Howie

      Hey Wayne,

      Very cool, couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been working on Howlin’ Wolfs “Smokestack Lightin'” focusing on getting that steady bass line in spite of the melody syncopation. Your lesson fit the bill! Keep up the good work. Thanks!


    • Joe Waiwaiole Jr

      Great Job! Thanks for sharing, enjoyed it. Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Bobby

      Very nice Wayne, as I am sure you know there’s nothing like making music. I’ve played my whole life and not many days go by without me picking up my guitar. Keep playing.

    • Jack

      That was great Wayne. You give me the confidence to keep at it. Thank you so much for posting it and helping all the rest of us out. I feel like if you can get it so can I (not being disrespectful toward you). Thanks again.

    • Bruce S

      Enjoyed the heck out of that !
      Happy Thanksgiving to you, yours and all

    • gerard

      merci, meme si je ne comprends pas l’anglais, j’ai bien compris ! Ce blues est tres bon.
      Pourrais t’on avoir une suite a ce morceau ?
      D’avance merci de nous rΓ©galer.

    • Jim Read

      Awesome job Wayne! Can’t wait to try it out, when my little girls not sleeping in the other room (wanna really have fun with it!) I especially like that you used the acoustic, my electric is in the shop. I’m Canadian so we already did our Thanksgiving thing, but I wanna wish you, Griff and all the Americans out there a Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Creede

      Thanks Wayne, there’s no end to what you can do with a few notes on the guitar.
      Cool stuff, keep playing.

    • Wolf

      Great sound! Nice guitar work…..very inspiring…..thank you for sharing this lesson!

    • Taco Ter

      Very funky….now work up some lyrics about how your woman done left you, your truck done broke down and your dog done run away and you’ll have a million seller…good job Wayner

    • Bill

      Very cool and inspirational Wayne! Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Brian

      Hey that’s great, Wayne! Nice job and thanks!

    • Ric

      Great lesson and can’t wait to get home and crank up my amp and jam around on that riff.

    • Steve

      Well done, nice and gritty!!!

    • PETER

      raw blues well done wayne

    • EdC

      Thanks, Wayne — that’s great.

    • Robert Ayala

      Funkay! Very cool Wayne, you did a good job man. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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