This is a song I always dug because it’s just one of those classic 12 bar blues rock songs that you might not know is just a 12 bar blues at heart.

The basic riff is all E Minor Pentatonic Based, while the intro solo is all E Major Pentatonic Based..

And all that goes on around a basic 12 bar blues in E chord progression.

Hope you can dig it!

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    • Jeffrey Stone

      Tab would provide the proper instruction–some of us do not have the time–we have to work and may not have the inherent ability to enjoy the struggle –especially with. All the tab on Soundslice

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey GRiff,

      Great lesson and sound, saved it for later when I get back home as interstate at present.

      Michael-Sydney- Australia May 2020

    • Keith

      Hi grif, i was in a band called quest in the 80’s and we warmed up for leslie west at a place called harpos in detroit. Of course Mississippi queen was the song everyone was waiting for. Was a good experience for us…


      Mississippi Queen is one of my all-time favorite tunes!!

    • Mike

      I saw Mountain in 1969 at Dallas State Fair Music Hall. Felix Pappalardi on bass and introduced as the producer for Cream. They started Mississippi Queen but Leslie Wests mic didn’t work. So he kicked the mic stand in true pissed off rocker style. Never forgot it. Great show.

    • Ian Stobbart

      Absolutely fantastic lesson as per usual

    • Gary Zellner

      Has always been one of my favorite tunes for years !! When I hear those first notes…. I have my hands on the volume control…… oh yeah…. Thanks for sharing !!

    • tony

      No doubt its a blues . I liked this tune as a teen . This video is outstanding good one Griff. I will add this one to band must learn list. Well done easy to understand. Thank You !!!!

    • Donovan Hulbert

      A little Alex Lifeson look with the Les Paul and a Floyd Rose.

    • Anthony Ingoglia

      The bend you do is actually a minor pentatonic note also (G). But I totally get your point.

      • Griff

        I’m bending F# to G#, the only G natural is at the very end of the intro.

    • David

      I had the awesome opportunity to see Mountain in Jacksonville, FL at the height of their popularity. They were absolutely unbelievable! This is a great lesson that I will definitely learn. What a gorgeous LP! You nailed the tone perfectly!

    • Gansett

      Griff, thanks for connecting the rock that I love to the blues that I love. It helps to answer questions that I have before I even realize that I have questions. 🍺

    • Chris

      Great lesson Griff, thanks. What pedal do you use to get that sound? Also, is that a modified Les Paul with the tremolo or did the tremolo come factory installed?

    • Rich L

      Great de-mystifying lesson as always Griff! Grew up in the same neighborhood same time as Leslie, this song and some of his WBL tunes as well as his work with Mountain always rings true with me. Nobody teaches it better than you! You make it all make sense.
      Thanks again Griff!

    • Jimmy D.

      My reluctance to count is legend….
      But the more often I view your lessons…
      ….which is often.:)
      You will convert me yet!

    • RobJ

      Nice lesson, Griff. Cheers.
      Leslie West is a monster with the best tone ever.

    • Greg Crain

      Very cool lesson, I did dig it very much! Thanks!

    • Jerry Persall

      These little insights make my morning. Been following them for years. Very much appreciate them after breakfast. Thank you, Griff!
      Jerry in Colorado

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