The common “Box 1” pattern is a place where a lot of great music is made… so I don’t mean to knock it at all…

But sometimes, you feel like you want to get up and out and it’s helpful to have some licks in your back pocket that will “escape” the pattern that you’re in right now.

Getting from Box 1 up to Box 2 using this move is something you should absolutely have in your bag of tricks as you’ll use it A LOT.

    12 replies to "A Box 1 “Escape” Lick"

    • Rod

      Griff thanks for great lesson

    • Ken

      Your vibrato control is as good as any I have seen. I would like to go on record as
      noting I had to PRINT OUT MY OWN FRETBOARD to copy the tab! OH, The Humanity!!
      These kids today…I tell you…If some of Today’s Youth were to win a lottery check they
      would say:”Just roll me over and put it in my pocket!” YEP! Great Stuff, Griff.

    • John

      is there a printable tab available?

    • Emanuel

      Nice one as usual

    • tony

      great moves like it . never did think of the moves. from 1 to 2 like that . could be why i have been stuck on box one a lot . every time i see you playing that green guitar it reminds me of Steuart Smith`s playing at the 2008 concert i saw. he`s the silent eagle if ya do not know that .

    • David Fairful

      Love it – simple and sounds great.

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks again Griff for the helpful tips. Enjoy your day.

    • Louis

      As always a great lesson. I’m an acoustic / unplugged guy, an Acoustic BGU student but recently got into electric and I’m totally lost when it come to tone. Could you PLEASE give a lesson on amp settings and pedal usage.

    • Bruce Bradley

      As always you have great lessons for us,THANKS

    • Gary

      Magnificent Maestro!

    • David

      Thank You Griff,
      That is an awesome little lesson!

    • Bill Fellows

      that’s awesome !

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