I swiped another one from my 5 Easy Blues Songs course for you today…

It’s the melody from the song, “King Strut,” that is more of an homage to Freddie King and his tune, “San-Ho-Zay,” which was one of his more popular instrumentals.

I edited the video so you can hear it first, then learn the melody idea. It’s a cool double stop idea I think you’ll enjoy.

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    • RustedOut

      Quality instruction is what you are all about. However I wish you offered some authentic blues tracks to jam with.. I mean tracks that are very valid representations of the blues I hear in a dimly lit somewhat sleazy bar on “chitlin’ street.” You know, those sounds, that make the ladies want to “sling shot their panties on stage” in appreciation as one’s blues sounds get them “where they live.” That is the ‘real blues” I aspire to be able replicate in my own playing. Riffs.. licks.. you provide are Ok starting points, but “incomplete” in the quest to become that “worshiped” blues man.. the goal many of us students. Your talent speaks for itself and provides you that admiration we all seek by being able to fill the emotion-invoked niche that defines the blues… so, how about sharing that skill with us wanna-bee’s?

    • Jim Pyron

      Another bullseye Griff. Hands down you’re the best teacher. Joined BGU 2014 [or thereabouts] and you always shine the light where the answers are found. Just taking this opportunity to thank you for your tireless dedication to your students. Thanks for all you do.

    • Jim Boardman

      Nice, I liked that .

    • Russell Eckam

      Always good lessons. Please explain practice practice, and count count. Learn know move on to the next. The journey never ends. Thanks for breaking it down, making it understandable. Remind us, had to learn to crawl, walk then run. Step by step. Thanks for sharing showing different styles, yet it’s the guitar. Tune it up turn it up, PLAY on

    • Alan H

      Cool simple lesson Griff. Good stuff

    • Steve Dunlap

      Love all of your lessons griff! Makes guitar fun again!

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