Again crossing over onto the “Classic Rock Unleashed” side, we’re going to look at the chord progression, and some soloing ideas, from Led Zeppelin’s classic, “Since I’ve Been Loving You.”

You might think. from just a basic listen, that while it sounds bluesy, it’s not really a blues…

However, if you don’t mind digging into your jazz theory a little, you can actually explain this as a minor 12 bar blues.

But even if you don’t really care why, it’s just fun to play and solo over… and we’ll talk a little bit about the pentatonic scales and the modes that you can use.

Here’s the chord chart if you want it in PDF format

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    • Bob

      Griff, Great lesson thanks. Question: On the turnaround and walk down, why does the G7/D work? Like you mentioned, without the turnaround we’d be on the Fm. G7 has a B as it’s 3rd which is the flat 5 of the F and the natural 7 of Cm so it’s not in the key, but it sounds awesome. Can you elaborate on why? Is it due to being the blue note of Fm?



    • Stuart Jones

      Griff – This was great! I played the changes into my looper and then noodled between the minor and major scales for at least an hour. I probably could have gone for at least another hour if I wasn’t getting the evil eye from the other room!😜

      Keep the great lessons coming!


      • Eddie Lee

        Man, how DO they do that? You’re just playin’ guitar and getting something new down when, suddenly… you look up and there it is; floating in mid air! (Sigh) Yes, dear! I’ll be right there! That throw pillow, btw, is perfect on the couch! Do you want me to clean the gutters now or ???

    • Dudley Gibbs

      Has anybody seen this played by `Ayla` on you tube.
      Please take a look if you haven`t.
      It`s fantastic….and for somebody so young too.
      It may give you some good soloing ideas too.


      • John Brasher

        Yeah, her version rocks. Her other covers are pretty deadly, too.

    • Peter


    • Pete Fegredo

      I got totally lost in places of the beautiful licks in various scales. Great stuff Griff.
      Thank you.

    • Jack

      Hi, Griff.
      That’s my favorite Led Zepplin song. Best slow song they ever did. Plant’s vocals were magnificent and VERY blusey.
      Jimmy Page? Nothing like him at all. Never saw a guy play a guitar so incredibly well.
      Never. I saw him in Boston Garden and they played this song.
      He played the heck out of it.
      I’ll never forget it.
      Thanks very much for showing us the chords and the whys and hows behind the song.

    • Rob

      House of the rising sun

    • Chris G

      At 10:50 where you play that little G-Bb-A-Ab-G “substitute for a I-VI-II-V-I”, it’s exactly the turnaround for one of my absolute favourite pieces (except I think it’s in A, so a whole tone higher), called “Rene’s Theme” from a 1974 Larry Coryell record called “Spaces”. Larry and John McLaughlin absolutely tearing into a pair of acoustics. Like Django and Django.

    • Jerry

      I’ve been a BGU’er for many years now and while I’m still a bit of a hack I do finally understand what you are talking about and can noodle around with this with your suggestions. So, just wanted to pass along a huge Thank You!

    • Dale

      cool, but made my eyes cross when you got into the chord relationships … still, I keep learning and hope that one day that will all make sense to me when you say it

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks Griff, big zep fan and this is my second favorite behind Kashmir. I have made half hearted attempts to learn this song, but seemed to be way above my ability. Just not that fast, but I’ve gotten a little quicker since I understand where the scales and notes are now. With you giving us the chords this will help and putting it on a looper so we can solo over it will be a plus. I’ve heard this song hundreds of times and have it my head pretty good, so the two extra scales you gave us should help me figure out how to get it out of my head and into the guitar. Thanks again and great timing on this as Sirius radio just started a zep channel running until June 1. Enjoy your day.

    • Dudley Gibbs

      I once had the `Great Man` himself (J.P) in my Taxi in London about 6 years ago. Wow made my hairs stand on end……and I had the pleasure of seeing the The Zeps Live at Earls Court and Knebworth. Great memories. Great Days.


      How the heck are you spose to memorize all those scales there’s thousands of them.

    • Eric

      Griff…kudos for your selection and highlighting of SIBLY in this video, that said, I saw the great Zeppelin land in concert several times in 1970 and 72 on their first world tours before and after releasing STH, which ultimately proved to be inspiration for my guitar journey almost fifty years ago now, and IMHO their music was among some of the best experimental rock and blues ever recorded due to JP being not only such a studio master along with JPJ but producer as well, and he probably initially adapted many ideas from the the legendary three Kings, Dixon and many others including Bert Jansch for his acoustic wizardry and took the Yardbirds on their final flight with an unprecedented guitar duel with Beck as highlighted in the “Blow Up” movie playing TKR then called “Stroll On” and several other YB songs, later providing the musical foundation with Zep for almost every rock band that ever respected a scintilla of their music, as for SIBLY that tune and solo was one of if not the best example along with “Tea for One” of how JP could weave an amazing musical tapestry between different guitar scales and modes of both blues and jazz unlike many primarily pentatonic based players of his day, and in conjunction with his use of a violin bow to add melodramatic effect to his live concerts, his style along with the amazing virtuosity of his other three bandmates took on an almost mystical approach through Zep opening a doorway to a musical dimension that over a half a century later still leaves many players wondering how just another 70’s British rock band could have had that much impact and influence.

    • johnnie

      i would be willing to pay for a single song lesson from you. I have BGU 1.0 and 2.0 as well as a few other courses. I A song lesson with chord chart, tab and video tutorial would be cool on and single purchase access. I purchase all that from Music with Ryan for $10 and I’m good to go he’s bluegrass/folk and he offers all access as well. I can purchase a single song lesson . Just saying…I’d buy yours too on a single song lesson.

    • Scott R

      So pleased to see this hit my inbox! Griff Hamlin and Led Zeppelin in the same sentence – perfect.
      Thanks again for giving a nod to us classic rock guys 🙂

    • Dennard

      Great lesson

    • Alan

      I think John Paul Jones plays bass and keyboards. I don’t think there are many instruments he doesn’t play.

    • tony

      I actually have the tab for this in a 1973 publication Led Z. complete . Looking at it makes me wonder why you would do it.(in a lesson) It is a masters work and Jimmy is a living legend . A friend of mine is the lead guitarist in a Led Zep cover band he has never tried doing this one. There are cords in the song I have never seen ever anywhere. I know You are a very talented guitarist Griff ,but, seems You go from easy to expert whats up with that ? If one is to learn you have to squeeze it gradually ya know . If I did not like you i would not be here. I like to see you hit 3 million users.

      • Chris G

        Yay Tony for mentioning the LZ Complete book; if I had to choose TWO “Desert Island” music books, they would be that one and The Beatles Complete. It’s a shame that the Zep book is only “complete” up to Houses of the Holy – I don’t think I’ve ever seen one for Physical Graffiti and the rest.

        • tony

          YA Too bad Kashmir is awesome dadgad my buddy played it with a bow on his guitar and it blew the whole club away .

    • John Humphrey

      What a great lesson Griff

    • johnnie

      WHAT FUN!

    • Steve Smith

      Nice job Griff!

    • Donovan Hulbert

      Probably my favorite Zeppelin song. This and songs from the Presence album.

    • Tim

      So very much enjoy all your lessons Griff. I have many of your courses.

    • Philip Corless

      This has to be my favourite zep song, really showcases Pages guitar talent and Plants singing, saying and singing with real feeling

      • Philip Corless

        Playing not saying

    • cowboy

      one of my all time favorite bands…saw them live and it changed my life…thanks for doing this Griff…later.


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