While SRV probably does this as much or more than most…

It’s not something that is unique to him, it’s just easy to recognize in his playing.

Really, most blues players use quarter note triplets throughout their solos to add interest using common notes.

So in today’s video, I’ve got a bit of a workout for you, something I hope you’ll come back to regularly (like, every day) until you get it down.

    3 replies to "You MUST Be Able To Play This To Play SRV"

    • Michael k Jones

      I’m kind of new to the blues but I do play by ear more than counting but I did pick up on the counting as well this was really helpful for me so I will use this to help me along the way this is so cool Griff and I appreciate it so much thank you for taking the time to do these videos you are helping more than you really know thanks brother

    • David Rosen

      Thanks Griff,

      This is incredibly helpful! Whenever my playing gets “sour” I know it’s time to go back to the fundamentals, and developing techniques. I’m a long time Blues Unleashed follower/ member because of videos like this. I’ll be working on the fundamentals and techniques as long as I’m breathing and able to hold my guitar.
      Thanks again

    • Jack Flash

      great…I play by hearing it more than counting thing but that was great Griff…

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