Ever wonder what it is about music that makes it sound, “bluesy?”

Obviously some music is a 12 bar blues form, so it’s technically, “a blues,” but there is a LOT of music that sounds blues-y even though it’s not technically, “a blues.”

So in this video, we’ll look at what “bluesy” really means.

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      I ishall leran the Bluesy Blues in my soul and HEART of my bonus in my body

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff, Great lesson and it sounds like to had a bit of a cold so thank you for the effort to share this tip with us. Get well and have a rest that works too.

      Michael-Sydney-Australia Jan 28,2020

    • Jim (UK)

      Hi Griff, love the lesson.
      I know the blues is all about minors and seventh chords but knowing how to use them is a different matter. Not being well up on theory I do struggle a bit and that’s where your lessons are priceless.
      I do need to learn music theory and understand how chords are made up.

    • Gordon

      I love this kind of thing, it really helps embed theory ideas into my head.
      One ask. Can you play the scales and notes a little more slowly when first introducing the ideas, saying what the note names are and their position in the scale. e.g. this is A C it’s the third note, Sometimes you go a little too fast for my 60 year old ears 🙂 (I know… I’m pretty young compared to some around these parts! 🙂

    • lawrence

      That my guitar guru was very good theory to understand, many thanks. Lawrence

    • Tim Moran

      So this is a lesson in why playing the minor pentatonic over a major chord sounds bluesy? Or am I misinterpreting that?

    • Jim P.

      Thanks Griff. Keep the theory coming.

    • Don Craig

      Still not understanding the theory, but that was a really cool piece you played. I’ll listen to it all again.

    • Stan Unverzagt

      Hi Griff, I’m an intermediate guitar player and I’d like to purchase a looper for personal use but don’t have any idea what to look for. Can you give me some guidance? Thanks. Stan

      • Chris Bell

        Hi Stan. Check out Boss RC-3 loop station. Got some great features.

    • Loj


    • Willie

      Never look at it that way , makes a lot of sense !

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