I got a lot of requests for a Walter Trout lick (which is easy to understand, he’s a great player) and this was a good one that is fairly accessible (meaning, you don’t have to be a super advanced player) and works just as well over a more traditional blues.

There are a couple of key elements of Walter’s style in here, namely his use of grace notes and some of the fingerings that are necessary to accommodate those pull-offs easily.

I hope you dig the video and have fun with it.

Feel free to grab the PDF of the TAB from this link

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    • John T Higgins

      Hey Griff,

      I live in HB and I can’t tell you how many times I saw Walter play at Perq’s on Main Street here in HB. He typically played there before embarking on some European Tour. I love the way he incorporates the volume knob to get that ‘violin’ sound too. He’s a master. He’s made a great comeback from his medical issues too. Keep up the great site and teaching Griff.

    • Ian Richardson

      Love the Trout…Always think he’s a bit underrated, maybe not so much in the U.S. Great player. The main thing you can get from video lessons like this though is that although the guitar is a complex instrument, playing the thing doesn’t need to be. When you look at how many great players play it they don’t complicate things, it’s more down to technique, knowing your way around the fret board, and knowing your basic theory at the very least. And a LOT of hours practice time…unless you’re a prodigy, which most of us ain’t. Oh and the sore fingers, which is why i played de-tuned for a long time, why make it hard for yourself? And i still do a lot of the time because i likes it.

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