It’s tempting to call this the “3 note solo,” but since I already did a 4 note solo, that might be a little silly 🙂

Seriously, though, this is a really simple pattern… a lot of people call it the “BB Box” or the “BB King Box” but I’ve studied a LOT of BB King and, while he uses this box, he uses a lot of other patterns more.

Also, a lot of people use this pattern, not just BB…

So I call it the “house pattern” because it kind of looks like a house, and it’s REALLY easy to use it to follow the major and minor chord sounds throughout your solo.

Here, I’ll show you…

By the way, I have a course called Killer Blues Solos Made Easy that uses this pattern like this, and more.

    8 replies to "Using The BB Box House Pattern And Switching Major and Minor"

    • John Snow

      Hi Griff,

      That’ s a definitive B.B. King lick, for sure. I am blessed to have seen B.B. live at least
      six times (I have the same t-shirt as you’re wearing!) and you hear this lick and variations
      a lot.
      Griff, thanks for all the lessons – you’re helping this old bluesman a ton!

    • BOB DOWD

      I was wondering, what recorder equipment you use to make your loops with?

    • Mike C

      As an additional option, you can stay on the A and not bend at all if you’re over the 5. Great stuff Griff. Thanks.

    • Dave Greene

      You’ve done more to keep blues alive and well than anyone could ever expect or imagine. Especially now, your emails are a golden part of my day – a spirit-lifter like no other. Thank you!!

    • Jim Christenson


      That jist opened the door to get me out of box 1! For some reason I never made the connection until this video. Keep em coming!

    • Chris CLEMANS

      Hi Griff, thanks for another great lesson. This lesson will help with the bends!

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks Griff for another reminder that blues soloing does not have to be complicated. Not all of us are joe bonamassa etc…(or you 😁) and can fly up and down the fret board yet or if that’s even our style. You’ve shown me how to get what I feel when I hear the blues into notes on my guitar without over complicating it. Your four note solo is how I found you and became a bgu member. Thanks for all the time and effort you put in for us. Enjoy your day.

    • Alan

      I still have problems killing the note at the top of the bend. I think it’s that the act of “picking” the note and “rocking” my right hand slightly to kill the note on count are harder than they look.

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