So, this is cool, because I get to kill 2 birds with one stone…

I love great classic rock licks, and this sure is one of those 🙂

Plus, I get to mold it into a blues lick and you end up with 2 good things for the price of 1 (well, none, it’s free!)


Download The TAB Here

    8 replies to "Turning A Classic Rock Lick Into A Blues Lick (Walk This Way)"

    • William J. Kerr

      Cool but way above me

    • Jack Flash Flash

      nice lesson…

    • Terry

      Wow. Maybe I missed an email on that. Living in Syracuse is no more central. Be a member and purchasing courses it would have been a plus to try and go to.

    • Lawrence

      Lick made easy and so generously!
      With Immense gratitude.

    • Frank B.

      Haaaa i saw you jammin w/ your band Griff.
      Yo it was Awesome! I saw ya turnin it on…
      Revvin the gas a bit…Oh & i do Wee Da La’s
      all the time. Lol! You Da Man Griff…aint even gotta try..Your Genuine G! Haaaa…
      Genuine Griff. I Love it man. Dont ever stop being you Big G. (Class Act)

    • Chris CLEMANS

      I liked how easy it was to change it to a cool blues lick. Great video as usual.

    • tony

      Wow upstate N.Y. I just found that out . I like that state . Mostly in the college area. I had driven to within the great lake 50 miles for a job i had. I like Joe`s guitar playing I do not know anyone who does not. A great cool lic thanks for sharing it .

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff,
      Glad you and Mark joined the Gang at Glens Falls for a weekend Jam, I saw a couple of clips sounded good.
      Also, I liked your Studio Band Clip Too Stoned…so much so I had to share it on my FB timeline and had a like from a friend singer of a band in Melb, hopefully a few Aussie bands linked to me on FB saw it too.
      Back to your above lesson sounds like a really cool lick and I will get to it a bit later on for sure.
      Michael – Sydney- Australia Oct 7th 2019.

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