Alright! Here’s where we get to take those 5 licks we learned over the last few days and put them together…

But instead of just playing it down and leaving you to it, I’ll go through a little bit of my thought process.

If you already have the new, “The House Pattern” course, this will help you in creating your own solos from the licks in the course…

And if you have yet to get it, this will help you see what you can do with it 🙂


Here’s the Jam Track – MP3

Here’s the TAB – PDF


    5 replies to "THP 6 – The House Pattern – Solo"

    • Frank Shapiro

      I find it amazing that there are so many different note combination s on just five note. Thanks Griff that was great series of videos

    • Jean C Dominique

      An Enjoyable piece from an outstanding teacher

    • Ken Looney

      Thanks Griff! I have been a “student” of yours for a bunch of years and I think this series may be my favorite! I love the sound of this solo and can wait get it nailed down! Continued good luck and, again, welcome to Texas. We live in Frisco just a few miles away!


      Great video Griff. Love the solo. Sounds awesome and with all the great instruction I have gotten from you seems really doable. I am going to start incorporating it into my playing more and more

    • Interstate+slim

      Thanks Griff, much appreciated as usual. It’s good to see that you don’t lock yourself into having to play the whole lick or starting it on the beat that it was taught. I had to break myself of following your lick lessons exactly even though my ear said to do something slightly different when i improvised over jam tracks to make it my own style. You’ve helped my playing quite a bit. Thanks again and enjoy your day.

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