If you play blues guitar solos, you probably know good old “box 1″…

But that gets you really used to looking at the world from the right…

Instead, let’s look at the world to the left of the root… it’s there, and it can be a wonderous place full of music and mystery 😉

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    • Matt

      What a difference starting the riff on the 2nd beat rather than the first. It’s the subtle stuff like this, that really blows my mind

    • Daniel posey

      Griff I figured out my problem,got you loud ,clear. Thanks

    • Gregory L. Senich

      It makes me smile how often that–and this is the case now–you send these Groovy emails and I find that it is what I had just been doing and Loving the differences I find in these visual and kinesthetic perspectives. Creativity abounds in that “new” area, not to mention it is fun and adds to the enjoyment of playing. Nice to venture out of the Comfort Zone, creating new ones. You Rock Groovy One!

    • tony

      Tell you this because I have not memorized all the notes on the fret board . I replaced dots for the notes . For just the first and second box . The reason so I know where I am as a note instead of a dot . Page 60 example 19-2 there is a large open space . So I made a grid of the fret board and put notes instead of dots . You say it is important pattern to master and the Legends use it in nearly every solo. This may be of some value to others . Thanks Griff and I think You have another lesson like this one and that was very important also. See YA hope this works for some of us who are trying to navigate the fret board.

    • Lynne

      I love all of your “ pearls” of information. I have followed you for years despite the fact that I am not a big Blues fan. You are a fantastic teacher. Thank you for putting out such great videos.

    • Daniel posey

      Griff all my Bgu emails are going to print instead of opening and letting me view them. I did delete my facebook account because of trump supporters bullshit. But I opened it back up cause I couldn’t get your emails , I don’t know how to correct it I’m not a computer guy by any means so any help you can give me would be appreicated. Dan

    • Gary Watters

      Thanks for the thought provoking lesson Griff. Thinking outside of the “box” will pay huge dividends down the road. I picked up a guitar for the first time two years ago and am loving your blues guitar unleashed 2.0. An organized system for learning blues techniques that challenge me, but dont overwhelm me, is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

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