The first 12 bars of what Guitar Slim plays over “The Things That I Used To Do” is a great example of 2 powerful concepts:

First – using both the triplet, slow blues, feel along with the occasional set of straight sixteenth notes. BB King is another player that uses this a lot and it always sounds grreat.

Second – he uses what seems to be the major pentatonic sound over the IV and V, but notice how he very carefully avoids the one note that would make it sound bad.

Hope you dig the video!


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    • Johann

      Great lesson Griff, it is helping me work on my counting. (I need help 🤣)
      Thanks for sharing! ✌🏻🤟🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻😎 from the Smoky Mountains ⛰

    • Tommy Hodges

      when I first listened to this song I heard the “E” major sound to but as I listened to it I kept hearing an “Am” chord sound in the music to. So I thought that a minor does not match a song that is played in E. But I realize it can be played with the E chord to but usually its the F sharp major or F sharp minor that matches the E Key better. So I decided if it went from one chord to the A minor chord it had to be in the Key of C. So you answered my question on that Griff. By playing this tune in C7 and I knew then it had to be played in C or C7. So you are very right on the tuning of Guitar Slim what was he really tuned to on his guitar. I did some E major on the song but it does sound better playing the 7th of the chord. His tuning threw me off but thanks to you I understand now who knows that pitch he as actually tuned to on his guitar. I appreciate very much you doing this Guitar Slim song to get my mind straight on the best way to play the song.

    • Tommy Hodges

      thanks or doing the Guitar Slim song “the things I used to do”
      Griff I really appreciate you doing this video and lesson on it.

    • Chris CLEMANS

      Griff this is a real good one it also helps with counting

    • Ron Schack

      Great stuff Griff,Good exercise to practice counting.

    • DaveyJoe

      Very cool, Griff! Thanks!

    • Dennis Herzog

      Love this, Griff. Seems to me that those of us who are mere mortals might find it much easier to play it in E. See any problem with that?

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