Surprisingly to many blues players, the minor pentatonic and blues scales aren’t actually the best fit for a lot of chords we play…

In general, the minor pentatonic works everywhere (over all of the chords in a 12 bar blues) because it’s not perfect anywhere!

But modern blues players incorporate less traditional sounds like this one, the Lydian Dominant scale, to more closely follow the chords and really get the sound of each chord change.

This is just one of the topics in my new “Modern Blues Soloing” course, which is here:

But for now, let’s take a peek at this fun new sound!

Download The TAB Here

    8 replies to "The Lydian Dominant Sound"

    • Richard

      Thanks for the insight into this music !

    • Gordon

      Really interesting. Bit hard for me, but I managed to get some sweet sounds out of it. Ta muchly 🙂

    • Jack Donoghe

      WOW! What a delight this lesson is, Griff.

    • DaveyJoe

      Great lesson Griff! We’re always learning something new from you…Thanks!

    • Jim P.

      Thanks Griff. I really enjoy listening to Robben Ford. Now I better understand where his sound comes from. I also want to thank you for including the “theory” behind this. It helps. Take care.

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks Griff, I will give this a try. I’m not a hundred percent sold on the sound, as I really lean towards old school blues. Appreciate the lessons, keep em coming.

      • Griff Hamlin

        I totally get it… it’s not for everyone. But I appreciate you at least giving it a try and if you decide it’s not for you, that’s fine too. Just keep the big ears on so that whatever you hear you’ll give it a fair shake.

    • Mike

      Beautiful sound Griff. I realized this is where I have always been derailed in trying to advance my own sound and ability. I’ve always gotten brain-twisted with substituting chords with other chords and scales, etc. so… I grabbed the new course yesterday and was immediately rewarded with the half-step whole-step scale. It was FUN so I’m going to do it again today.
      Now… who’s going to clean my gutters Griff?
      Thanks man.

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