The late Jeff Healey was a guitar viruoso that will definitely be missed by fans worldwide. Photo courtesy of

Almost four years ago, we lost the great guitarist and singer, Jeff Healey.  Although Healey, had a relatively short music career, passing away at 41 years old, his music lives on in all of us.  Healey was a powerhouse on stage that didn’t let his disabilities get in the way of his guitar.  I want to share a series of video performances that I collected with you to remember what a great musician Healey was.  I hope you enjoy them!

It wouldn’t be right to write a post about Jeff Healey and not include a great version of the hit song, “Roadhouse Blues.”  Check out this live performance from 1989 at

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Healey played a great version of one of my favorite songs too, “I’m Tore Down.”  There’s a great rock version of the song at

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Jeff could slow things down and play a great ballad too.  Check out this performance of the song, “Angel Eyes” at

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I’ll leave you with one last video from Healey.  This last one is Healey’s first video appearance and features him playing alongside the great Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Check out this great video at

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I hope you enjoyed these videos as much as I did.  Jeff Healey was a guitar virtuoso that will definitely be missed.



    7 replies to "The Late And Great Guitar Sensation, Jeff Healey"

    • David

      What a great guitarist.I play guitar and he puts me to Shame.

    • David Moore

      Jeff was awesome! His riff from ‘Full Circle’ was pretty much co-opted as MTV’s old theme as well. Great musician.

    • steve

      Words cannot profess the beauty of feeling Jeff presents in his music.I can still feel him in the nite sky.People like jeff, gary, stevie ray,all to profound to really describe their abilities of greatness.

    • Tony Lukianowicz

      Oh the good they die young. Jeff Healey a few years ago and more recentley, Gary Moore. Both were powerhouse musicians with talent on loan from God.

    • ken

      He was also a great guy.The record companys were wanting him to leave his band behind but he always stayed with his two band mates.

    • ken

      I saw jeff in a small club in st. johns nl. in 1986 before he made it big.Great show Great player been a fan ever since.Does a super version of will my guitar gently weeeps.Thanks for the flashback.

    • Darcy

      Thanks so much,i love Jeff/He was too good!the way he knew his frets was unreal!Yet too real!

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