One of the perks of living in Corona is I’m near G&L Guitars in Fullerton (and yes, I’m near the Fender custom shop too, but I try not to visit… it’s hard on the wallet.)

Well the good folks at G&L do a cool little video series called “Live At Leo’s” and they asked yours truly to come in and demo the ASAT Classic – a surprisingly fun guitar to play (surprising to me, it’s not my typical kind of thing.)

This video won’t do anything for your guitar G.A.S., but it’s some sweet tone and a nice overview and discussion of the guitar – in case you were thinking about expanding the herd a little…

And special thanks to video man Steve Araujo ( and my friends at G&L Guitars for inviting me down to do this and letting me hang with the guitar for a couple of weeks.

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    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff,
      Something wrong with the wmv link could not play the demo..
      But checked out their website and saw some impressive guitars all around the Tele..If you check out the list of Artists worldwide that have either the ASAT Classic or Special you are looking at INXS , Midnight Oil, Elton John Band, Black Eyed Peas and such a big list..The history of G&L had the involvement of Leo Fender and his wife Phyllis to continue with the name and guitars..So Griff can you check the wmv link so I can check out the sound and put on my wish list when I win the Lotto..
      Michael-Sydney-Australia 29 May 2017

    • Alan G

      A great looking gat and some sizzling licks and skill Griff. Btw…what does ASAT stand for?

    • Steve

      Can you tell the neck was Plek’d when you play fast?

      • Dave

        Another Standard American Telecaster.

        • Keith

          Anti Satellite. Leo was fascinated with military avionics so he came up with some special names for his guitars that related to military weaponry

          ASAT – Anti-satellite weapons
          Comanche – military helicopter
          S500 – Russian surface-to-air missile

    • Art Martinez

      Not sure why G&L doesn’t do well around the Central CA coast, but they aren’t seen much in anyone’s hands playing at gigs or jams. I had an S-500 Custom made and had to sell it it. I went to a famous and well known guitar store in Southern CA and was told they did not really want to take it, pointing to 3 other G&L’s on the wall telling me they just don’t sell. They sound awesome, play awesome. One thing I did find was when I tried to get some customer service, I was not well received and told they couldn’t help me. I had a neck problem in that it was too thick for my hands. I wanted to send the guitar to the factory and have then change the neck out and pay for it. NOPE, no can do I was told???? I’ve never had that or any issue with the Fender people. Again, I love the G&L tone and quality is superb. Just not popular with anyone I know and only one store in the are that sells them and in the past 6+ years, they are still not sold.

      • Keith

        People have to have that Fender name on the headstock because SRV, Jimi and EC all played Fender or they have to have Gibson on the headstock because all of the great rockers played Gibson. God forbid people break from the norm and play something else

    • Rox


      Pretty guitar. Enjoyed your jazz lick.
      Hope you do a jazz unleashed course soon.
      I own many of your courses.
      There is a guitar or many guitars out there for everybody.
      Your guitar Theory Course has helped me grow by leaps and bounds!
      I don’t know a more dedicated teacher than you!

    • doc

      Sweet playing and great sounds. Loved the color combo you have on the guitar. They don’t advertise that on their web site. Still, would be tempted. ……

    • david moon

      So when is the “Shredding Unleashed” course coming out? Griff- I kid…

      There is something attractive about the simplicity of a Tele-style guitar. The only way you could make it simpler would be to have just one pickup. (Wasn’t that the Broadcaster?)

    • Scott R

      Great video. I’m glad you did this Griff…
      And as a bonus to you I hope they give you a cut on the guitars they’re bound to sell 🙂

      This video demo certainly opens my eyes a little wider when it comes to G&L as well as sounds from a Telecaster.
      I know tone comes from fingers, guitar, amp, and pedals…. And we know about your guitar and fingers,
      So what can you tell us about the amp and pedals?
      Just curious…

    • Jay

      Nice stuff, Griff. I bought my first Fender in 1962 & went with Fenders & Gibson’s until I discovered G&Ls in the 90’s. I’ll give the edge to G&L in tone, playability, & construction for solidbodies from 1985 models on. Leo WAS a genius. Your “Soloing Without Scales” package works especially well with my 87 ASAT.

    • Rich

      This is the only tele style that you can get with a wider neck ( 1 3/4) .. iIt does not sound exactly like a tele ( tele twang) .im assuming that the wider neck will provide wider spacing at the bridge ..better for finger style when desired..

    • David Douglas

      Hey Griff,
      Top of the morning to you. Nice demo, super terrific playing of course.
      Nice G&L for sure. There is a guy near here that is selling a mint condition legacy, really struggling, holding myself back from that baby! Problem is, I really like living with my wife, know what I mean? She is just recovering from the recent acquisition of the American Deluxe Strat. I however am happy as a lark! 😎

      Peace mon ami,
      Old Dave in the Adirondacks

    • Denny


    • T Scully

      Hey Griff tough job but someone’s got to do it. Sounds great by the way, I love my asat classic bluesboy.

    • jeff Kear

      No Sound ?! Too bad 🙁

      • Griff

        Must be something weird going on, the sound works fine here

    • DaveyJoe

      Thanks for the demo Griff! What’s the scoop on price?

    • ChrisF

      Very nice axe Griff it looks a beaut and may I say fabulous playing and technique, you’re a star……There’s enough ‘stuff’ in that one video to keep me occupied for years!!!

    • Rod Woolley

      I can’t help wondering if Griff just picked up the guitar and played whatever came into his mind or whether he planned and perhaps practiced a bit ahead of time. Perhaps he has set pieces that he knows will show off each pick up setting.?


      • Griff

        I didn’t plan it. In fact, I didn’t even know which track was going to be playing when I walked in. So this was all just off the cuff stuff.

        • Scott R

          Now there’s an idea for your next mini course.
          How to play a knock out demo reel at your local guitar store.
          I’ll sign up for that 🙂

    • Jay

      Awesome Griff! Love your playing, You Rock It!

    • mr7richa

      Well, how much do they want for the damn thing Griff? As if I don’t have enough guitars already.

    • Gary Hylton




    • Billy

      I picked up one of these in mint green from Musician’s Friend last month. It came up on their Stupid Deal of the Day for $349. It was made in Indonesia. I played one a few years ago and liked it, but didn’t want to spend the $499 that these typically go for.

      I own 3 other Fender Tele’s. The body on this one seems a bit larger than the Tale’s I own. My right hand feels very comfortable on the bridge

    • Ben

      To me this sounds very different than a Tele. Less bark…treble is smoother…bass is fuller.
      If you like the Tele style this is a nice instrument!!

    • Mark Wales uk

      Cheers Griff
      I will definitely check the G&L out 😎🎶

    • john

      Griff, please, please don’t start selling us guitars.

    • Mark d.

      Big big question!….price!

    • William

      Nice guitar. You are correct in that it does not help the GAS. Biggest difference between it and a Strat? Seems very similar in looks and sound. Thanks for the demo Griff.

      • JimJ

        William, the guitar is modeled after the Telecaster.

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