As much as I love funky rhythms, this is one of my all time favorites…

In blues, we don’t get to use these funky rhythms as often, and therefore they often get played incorrectly, or without much feel.

So what I tried to do here was to break this down into levels – start simple, get more complex as you get more comfortable.

I hope you can give it a shot and don’t mind the buzzing low B (I’ve fixed it now 🙂

    12 replies to "The Funky Tightrope Rhythm"

    • Alexander

      This is a cool lesson, it’s making me more conscious about my hand work in so far as muting strings and I really want to get that counting down. Great lesson!
      Thanks Griff

    • roy aiken

      I will try hard to digest this rhythm my friend. thanks for sharing. stay safe.

    • Bob

      It’s true, Griff, if I don’t count I can’t hit the the right groove . After all these years, I understand. Thanks

    • jeffrey s mcdonald

      Hi Griff. Thank you so much. I love this rhythm as well, but haven’t been able to crack it. Thanks for this! Stay safe.

    • Ken L

      Thanks, Griff. I am in the same boat as Kathleen. I will be playing this today.

    • tony

      I like SRV always have always will . I told You to take care of that strat . A buzz like that I think has a neck issue. Not enough bow to it . peace

      • Griff

        The saddle had come down a little, no big deal. The guitar is still getting used to its new home and is adjusting a little here and there, but overall doing great 🙂

    • Keith

      Why didn’t you demo the entire 1-4-5 using that chord structure? Would be nice to see to show the changes.

      • Griff

        this particular song isn’t a I IV V, and the point is the right hand work. If you can play this as I demonstrated it, you’d have no trouble moving it.

    • Vic betten

      Play that funky music white boy.

    • Vic betten

      In the groove with funk.great stuff.keep it coming, no mask needed, unless your the lone ranger.kemosabi means soggy shrub.tonto in spanish means stupid. Guess they really liked each other to call each other names.or they were just funky.

    • Kathleen Lujbli

      Thanks for the lesson Griff. I have always loved this song and have always struggled getting the rhythm right. Thanks for breaking it down. Can’t wait to try again.

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