Many of my students want to learn to play Chuck Berry licks… and for good reason!

But, they usually struggle because of 2 issues:
1 – the bends aren’t happening
2- the timing is off (usually WAY off..)

So in this video, we’ll handle both things and get you swinging like Chuck in no time 🙂

Hope you dig the video!


Click Here To Download The TAB 🙂

    14 replies to "The Chuck Berry Double Stop Lick"

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff, great explanation.
      I had problems learning this song about a 3 years ago so I asked a guitarist friend can he transcribe the song for me in a Tab Sheet in the Key of A, which he did for me, I then slowed down the tempo of the song which enabled me to play these bends a little better and I love the way you palm off the bend, whereas I was doing a Pull Off mute. Later on I will be getting some help from another lead guitarist to structure my version of this song at a slower Temp to see if it work or not.
      Thanks heaps for this tip it helped me a lot to understand the bend better.

      Michael- Sydney-Australia Oct 7th 2019.

    • Tosha Clifford

      So very helpful !
      I wondered how there was that extended delay on those bends , took their time — now I know !!
      Thanks Griff!

    • Lawrence

      Simplied and educative. Thanks a ton


      good information … interesting to finally see it written out … for so many years could never see licks for guitar music in written form … good job

      played so many of the licks over the years … learned them off of Chuck’s album … Chuck Berry’s Greatest Hits … all learned by ear … in my 74th year of age and still learning …

    • tony

      One of the most best songs of the times .Griffin the computer DID NOT eat your homework . maybe cause it`s your passion for teaching . utt o getting old Ha Ha kidding man.

    • william ormerod

      4 stabs on the like button then a longer fifth stab x

    • Dennis


    • Heinz

      Cool, timimg isn’t easy. But also K.Richards had to work on it 😉

      • Graham P Fielding

        Was that before, or after Chuck sucker punched Keith?

    • tony

      Thanks Griff Nice one would like to see more on this tune . I have played this one and someone heard it a country mile away . She really likes the tune. RIp Chuck .

    • Rock

      Love this lick

    • Chris CLEMANS

      This was a good one our band in the early 60’s ouch it was jimmy reed and chuck berry

    • jim

      Go, Johnny, Go! I actually got to play this with Griff in 2017 at a LIVE road trip. My favorite guitar solo ever!
      I’d been playing it since the ’70’s, but Griff made a great transcription for Johnny B. Goode and cleared up my errors. This one riff requires an accurate bend, and timing. Unfortunately, the video cut off before Griff explained the “timing.” It’s the most important part! (it’s NOT just “1 and 2 and 3 and 4.”). Check out Griff’s lessons (Insiders?) for the whole intro to Johnny B. Goode. It’s really Goode!!!

    • Greg

      My bread and butter….

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