I’ve been learning and transcribing an enormous amount of Cream Era Clapton over the last several months for a new course…

And one of the reasons I chose these licks for the course is for what I call, “The Big Bend.”

At the end of the day, it’s about getting variety in your rhythm, but “The Big Bend,” is an awesome way to give some pause and let your listeners absorb what you’ve been laying down.

And with a big amp and a fair amount of overdrive, you might get some nice, natural feedback going on 🙂

Anyway, dig on this video and see how it sounds for you:

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      Great lesson! I love the way you teach the intricacies of the licks and phrasing. I am always impressed with your knowledge and skill. We should call you “Master Griff.”
      Have a great day and may this new year bring you direction, prosperity, and encouragement.

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