This is a lick I stole from T-Bone Walker from the tune, “Strolling With Bones,” and I noticed something interesting about it…

If you’re familiar with the general shape that T-Bone uses, and then you look at Charlie Christian, old BB King, and later on, Chuck Berry, you start to see the lineage of this pattern very quickly.

It’s a mix of the major and the minor blues scales, put all together, and used with a nice jazz/blues melodic sensibility.


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    • Marc Sanders

      Nice lick. I use those notes all the time, but going to the D and then putting the stress on the C before the hammer-on is not something I would have thought of. I really like that. It gives it a nice, little twist. Now I just have to break some “ruts” to get it to come out naturally. Thanks for that.

    • cowboy

      nice riff…a couple of interesting twists…thanks…later.


    • NWestcoastCarl

      You have (small) bags under your eyes. Take more care/rest – we need you more than ever these days.

      • Chris Babcock

        Could not have said it better!

    • Sam

      Thx again Griff

    • tony

      Whoops I heard I know little by Lynyrd Skynyrd .

    • tony

      Yeah I heard something from the late great Charlie Daniels . I think it`s the south`s gonna do it again . Oh yeah played fast of course . R I P Charlie .

      • tony

        The reply I made was wrong the reply above is correct .

        • Dan

          T-Bone and Charlie actually have some things in common. They were married once, they’re from the South, they both had a lot of class, and they played Carnigie Hall. I’ve got most of their music and love it. The South’s Gonna Do It Again is my favorite of his, and I’ve nearly worn out his greatest hits CD.

          Thanks for the jazzy blues T-Bone link Griff! I’m striving to play like T-Bone, and you’re helping me thanks to your courses. Thanks for helping bring some joy to my world.

    • Scott Hodges

      Listen to Robben Ford and how he uses the maj 6th in his blues solos

    • Richard Croce

      Very nice Griff. Love the jazzy maj minor blues. More of this please.

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