When I think of Crosscut Saw, a latin flavored blues feel, and Strange Brew, by Cream… I certainly don’t equate them to having basically the exact same guitar riff throughout!

But when I was playing one of them, I couldn’t help notice it was an awful lot like the other… so I broke them down in this video and I hope you dig it and get something out of it.

Have fun!

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    • Chris

      Great Griff, it’s easy to do just get the repetitions in and you are up to s6peed

    • Keith

      What I love about your lessons is that you don’t just do a ‘how to play’ breakdown, but also show how a basic idea, riff etc can be used with a zillion variations. I learn so much from this.

    • W.

      Another great riff from Griff. Thanks!

    • tony

      I am happy You said its like strange brew . This lesson has loan a bit of a change to the way I play this tune . I am a Clapton fan I also play many songs he does. . The way You moved up the neck was interesting . I find its a form for many songs .

    • David Waterbury

      Also, to complete the connection to Crosscut Saw, Clapton’s solo on the album version of Strange Brew is practically a note for note quote of an Albert King Crosscut Saw solo. The story goes that It was producer Felix Pappalardi’s idea to convert Lawdy Mama to a straight feel and write new lyrics. EC wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but eventually agreed to do it if he could play an Albert King solo with it.

    • David Waterbury

      Interestingly, while the intro chorus is played as a standard 12 bar progression, in the verse that switch to a quick change progression.

    • Jean-Michel

      Hello Griff,
      Thank you for your blog.
      The song « Louie, Louie » use the circular pattern:
      A D Em D.

      • Waldo

        Griff was talking 2 Dominant 7 chords and a minor v, i.e. A7-D7-Em.

    • Iain

      I think Lawdy Mama was a shuffle, and they changed it to straight in Strange Brew.

    • ChrisGSP

      Cool lesson Griff ! There’s another Cream song, called “Lawdy Mama” that uses basically the same riff as Strange Brew – in fact is sounds like a precursor to Strange Brew. Then there’s “Outside Woman Blues” which is again a very similar riff. Like you say, just move the notes around a bit and change the feel – new song 🙂
      BTW, I LOVE the new look of the Blog. I’m not sure what you did, but it looks so much better and is a lot easier to use.
      Cheers from Australia
      Chris G.

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