There is a particular style of double-stop bend thing that SRV does better than just about anyone else…

I call them “Crying”bends, but I don’t think that’s a scientific term 🙂

Get ready to hit hard and I’ll show you how to make this sound…

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    • Jennifer

      Thats pretty cool, but you lost me with the overdrive. In my humble opinion, overdrive is a meal that needs to be eaten in full banquet mode, all the way to fuzzy chime. This stiff with clean hitting the first stages of distortion just sound broken, like playing too drunk to notice that your breaking up. I love a well done overdrive that is well driven into the chimy realms of very clipped square waves, but have had it with the light overdrive.. Back in the 60s when I started, that was a sign of bad settings.. and it still sounds that way to me. Otherwise, VERY cool analysis of SRV tone full double string technique..

      • Bill

        Jennifer, lol what? Totally disagree with you and I’m sure most blues guys would

    • Chris J CLEMANS

      Thanks Griff, now I can do it so it sounds right to my ear. I just tried it and it works great yahoo but needs practice time!

    • DaveyJoe

      Cool sound Griff!

    • NOWMON

      Thats Albert King licks… SRV was a fantastic assimilater… I saw Albert King 10 years before SRV hit the show boat….

      • Henry

        True, SRV always reminded me of Albert KIng on Steroids.

    • Peter Richman

      Awesome…so many of us love SRV and want to learn more of his techniques as it is such a unique sound (i.e. please)…I was lucky to see him twice up close….it seems like he did many things with more than one string that are quite subtle

    • tony

      Off the wall sound . Try chocking up on the pick also . I think I will try that .

    • Chad Harland

      great lesson Griff everyone has an influence and direction they want to go, you hit all the above on this one. Thanks!

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