Last weekend I got together with Mark (bass), Chris (drums), and Ty (keys) for the first time in a little over a year as Ty has been traveling a lot and the last gig he was on, Chris couldn’t make.

We had some fun with it and broadcast it live on Facebook, but you may not have Facebook, or you may not have had a chance to see it.

While we broadcast it, I was recording it, so I mixed the audio better, and this is better video footage – plus I took out all the talking.

It was incredibly fun to interact with people via the Facebook comments, but I’m not sure it would be too fun to have to sit through after the fact.

I think there are 7 or 8 songs, and I hope you enjoy it. We certainly had fun.

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    • GFord

      “Griff’s Garage”… In addition to some cool You Tube Jams, maybe you all could make some more “How to Jam in a Band” Instructional Videos similar to the construction kit videos with some “trading fours” where (in addition to Jam Tracks) the student plays and trades fours with the full band, Griff only, or the bass/ keyboard/ drums only…?

      Don’t know, but great video. Thanks for sharing and love your courses!

    • Alexander

      X-lent!!! Griff! Your band sounds tight and you sang really good. This inspires me to practice so I could someday be on a band. Thanks again and I hope you cover what guitar 🎸 you were using and all the rest of the equipment you guys were using..great stuff.!

    • Freebyrd57

      Well, they say that, “if you can’t, do, you can teach, well, you obviously blew, that, theory out of the water…I’m, honoredd, to learn from, a true, tenuous of his craft! I thought, Ty, was a some too…not to belittle Chris and Mark, who were alone good at, their, craft just, I don’t experiment with what, they, play? You’re an inspiration to follow, and pretty good singer as well!

    • ChrisGSP

      Hi Griff, “Garage Band live” !!!! A couple of people wondered about the iPad on the stand – guys and gals, that’s the YouTube connection – Griff is not only leading the band, singing, playing and interacting with everyone present, he’s also watching the live comments from the “remote viewers” and probably watching the video feed a little bit as well. That’s multi-tasking for you… and he managed to breathe and stay upright at the same time. The only thing he isn’t doing is COUNTING OUT LOUD (wink, wink).
      ChrisG in Australia.

    • Louis

      Great, absolutely great. Griff, You are da man! East Coast tour sometime?

    • Bob Cuyt

      Great inspiring stuff! Could listen to it all day. Maybe suggestion for a follow up video: the gear you use during such a gig (amp settings, guitar settings, and what pedals, for each of the sounds you create)?

      Also (as someone else already requested): what’s on the iPad? I see it being used so often in gigs / concerts, I doubt it only contains the set list?

    • Dave D

      I want to learn the song Griff sings that goes (it’s hard to love someone when that someone don’t love you) I have tried various titles and cannot find it. What is the title of the song and who originally sang it? Please help!☺

    • Scott R

      Not sure if you’ll answer here or not, but I’d be curious to know what was on your iPad. I would guess song lyrics and structure, but it seems as though you looked at it more during the solos?

      Anyway, thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to see a BGIAB Vol 3 show up for Christmas. 🙂

    • Ken

      That was really great! In your instructional videos,you seem so meek and gentle, quiet, unaggressive; benevolent, kind; courteous, humble, unassuming, passive,serene,timid,acquiescent,subdued,forbearing,long-suffering,longanimous,mild,modest, orderly, and patient…just to name a few.
      But, put you behind a mic and some fellow musicians all on the same page, you become a beast mode bluesman! (I am proud of using the “mode” reference there).
      I really enjoyed the performance and can only add: You CAN play, my friend, you CAN plaY!! Excellent stuff!


    • chris tyler

      Thanks for doing this, always appreciated. Was nice to see the even master tries to squeeze a couple extra notes in a flurry that didn’t quite all fit… 🙂 🙂 🙂
      All good, no complaints, looked like fun and little whiskey on the table to boot!
      A man/group after my own heart 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thanks Again.

    • Tim Happel

      Love it Griff.

      I’d love to see Morality, When Evil Comes to Town and Running On played. I would really like to learn them. How about one of your Monthly Studies?

      Great stuff.


    • BJ

      Totally impressed, loved all the tunes and really appreciated the post for us anti-Facebook folks. The Hendrix tune was my favorite, giggles and all, and with keyboard and that guitar tone felt almost like Santanna cover!
      Thanks, rock on!

    • Alvin

      Great Big Griff, first you teach setting the bar, and then you give hope to the hopeless by actually leaping over It! Thanks f for sharing!

    • Mitch G.

      Oh HELL yes how AWESOME was this!! First time as a BGU student getting to watch my teacher actually get after it in a band situation THANK YOU for posting/sharing this Griff this totally made me smile and I enjoyed every second of it! PS. Had no idea you had the chops for singing too daaaaamn!👊

    • Bret

      Fantastic as usual. Truly enjoyable thanks for sharing! Also absolutely got a couple of good laughs with Laura’s interactions. Very entertaining!

    • john duxbury

      Magic! Thanks so much for sharing. Like Gado, makes me feel sooo inadequate 😢

      So much to learn, so little time.

    • OrmondS

      Griff and Band, Excellent show!! Thanks for posting.

    • Brian Knowles

      Need to see you and the band play more as in lots more !
      Us poor folk here in the UK don’t get much blues played these days
      other than some guy called ‘ Clapton ‘.
      How about some kind of DVD for Christmas .. ?

    • Robin

      Thank you

    • Daniel Malfar

      Really enjoyed the session. Can’t play for a while because I developed trigger finger. Listening to you guys made my day. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing.

    • Terry b

      Excellent, I would have paid to sit in your house for that!

    • George Voss

      True professional musicians! You guys are all GREAT!!! ‘Missed the horns though. I guess your wife was on camera.

    • Jim Copeland

      I grinned ear to ear through the whole thing. Awesome. THANKS FOR SHARING! I’m gonna go practice now….

    • Greg

      I’m glad you are giving us that were late and got to see only the last song a chance to see more. I had bad luck and missed the show got home for the end y’all rock….

    • Jim Kubitza

      I am thoroughly impressed. To just schtick three guys in a room who haven’t played together for over a year and sound that good and that tight is just plain awesome. And Griff, your singing has improved dramatically!

    • Ryan Rosenberg

      Great vocals…had no idea you could bring it in that area.

    • Mark Bales

      Wow…great to see the teacher in action!Fabulous!

    • Jim

      Play on.JRB

    • Mark Thomas

      Fantastic blues! Thanks to Griff and the gang. I really enjoyed watching you play – as I live outside the US many thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of the global blues family.

    • Edward Anderson

      One of these once a month would be awesome. Great Job. Hope your all safe from the fire.

    • Bill45

      It would have been nice if your accessories were not blocking the view of your hands. Watching skilled players like yourself is a real treat and a lesson of why attention to technique is so important. You can tell the “great pickers” because their playing appears to be so effortless, but we all know that the effort was spent “in the woodshed” perfecting your technique!

    • Michael Alford

      Hi Griff, man that’s all I needed this morning to get me going. I don’t own a computer, first I hate computers, anything that you have to struggle with, (ie) electronics ect. I am an Artisan, love playing my guitar, wood working, landscaping. I have made 5 Tele’s over a period of 25+ years. But the worst part of it all is that I had a bad motorcycle wreck in November of 2005. But by the Grace of God I’m still alive.On SS disability. I manage the best I can . I’m able to do certain things but limited.Not confined to a wheelchair or anything like that but in chronic pain about 75o/o of the time. Love your playing and I have played more in the last year than I’ve played in 10 years. Watch your videos and pick up licks here and there. I know you have a lot of customers but if you find a second or two, just say hello. Thanks Griff, and to the band in the video. One more thing, ever heard of Mac Arnold? He lives here in Greenville SC. This is my home town. He used to play bass with Muddy Waters back in the days. I’ve had the opportunity to play with him on several occasions.

    • Bobby Martin

      Griff you jamming man, you are a true blues man. From one to another thank you.

    • Gado

      I’m so inadequate.

    • Stephen Crossman

      I hope this was as fun for you guys as it was for us watching. Thanks for posting in this format so we can watch an encore performance.

    • Ronnie J

      WOW ! Griff off the hook…. I truly enjoyed every song. Being in a band I’m humbled by how tight everyone is. This has showed me techniques you can only learn from a live show.

      Thank you very much

    • Darryl Manire

      Sounds great.not a fan of keyboards in blues,or horns,but what do I know..

    • Stephen Dybas

      This video confirms to us on the East Coast, that do not get to see you live, that you are well qualified to teach “The Blues.”

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