This lesson is basically built around the chords to Joe Bonamassa’s tune, “So It’s Like That.”

The characteristic intro riff is nothing more than a variation on the standard bass box riff (the “Tore Down” riff in reverse) but what’s really interesting is the use of the bIII instead of the IV chord, and the flat vi turnaround.

So I’ll kind of walk you through the basics of playing the song, but then we’ll talk soloing and ideas from there.

Hope you dig the video!

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    • Heyoka Dave

      You’re one bad dude!!! Always ready to share your ideas… a wonderful instructor, and… it’s was a pleasure jamming with you in austintacious “live music Capitol of the world “ where your symposium party happened.

    • Casey Brose

      Thank you Griff:I have been you student for a long time. I have finally. learned box one. Crap. It takes me for ever to learn things. I am working in corona. And I know you are too.
      I want to see your show as I travel home to the desert on week-ends.
      Hopefully when you play L.A. or west Hollywood I can see and hear you.
      Casey Brose

    • Dave G

      Hey Griff, I’m a little late to the party on this one. But I can play it now and this is a ton of fun to play . Will put this on a looper over the weekend when I have more time. I would love to know what your right hand is doing though. Any chance you would break that down for us? I know the right hand has to keep moving like a metronome. I’ll keep at it maybe my right hand will come along. Thanks again!

    • Rock

      This one’s kinda fun…..Nice sound too

    • cowboy



    • Jack

      Thanks, Griff. I loved that song the first time I heard it.
      Quick question. I keep hearing about a sound called “SLAPBACK.”
      What the heck is slapback? How is it made?

      • Griff

        It’s a short, single delay. Usually around 110ms with a single repeat.

    • Stu

      Griff, what amp (and pedals?) are you using in this video? Sounds great!

    • Matthew Setright

      Really enjoyed this video lesson. Been wanting to play some of Joe Bonamassa for long time. Big fan of his and his way of keeping the blues spread around many countries. I’m a veteran pensioner have bee. Using blues unleashed for along time both acoustic and electric versions. Even though Australian dollar makes it hard. Your courses have been the most understood and well taught out there. Plus great follow on with things like this. Thanks Griff.

    • John Brasher

      Very cool tune and changes… we really appreciate you showing us things like this and showing clearly and quickly how to do it. This is one of your better videos – – crisp, clear and really fun.

    • Mike

      So… that’s how it is. Very cool Progression twists! Also love the “trashcan” sound.

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