In working with so many thousands of students over the last 30+ years, there are a few common things that beginners do out of necessity…

But there also comes a point when those particular ideas and techniques no longer serve you and it’s time to learn how to let those things go.

So in this video, I’ll cover 7 things that you need to consider as you progress.

    11 replies to "Shedding The Beginner’s Mindset"

    • Rick

      What an eye opener! Thanks

    • Joe Lamere

      the chord progression, i have noticed chord progressions!!!
      BUT it took me going to another instrument …BASS!!!
      BUT I have noticed and muting. it is gawd awful to hear bass notes humming in the back ground.
      Blues 1,4,5 alot
      Bass at church 1,4,5,6 ALOT it helps Griff It helps thank you

      started bass at church because no one else would step up… and it cool I think
      I won’t have to wait as long to play at sit ins!!!!

    • Larry

      Thank you, Griff, for the wonderful video. I don’t know if there is enough material on this subject (transitioning from beginner to intermediate) for an entire course, but if there were, I’d buy it. Not only mindset, but also technique, music theory, whatever.

    • Glenn kimble

      Glenn. Very nice lesson. Important to me. Thanks.
      I don’t comment much but it is all great Griff

    • Danny

      I think I’ve heard you say all these things before at different times. It was good for me to hear them all at once and consider what a difference they make. As always, thanks.

    • Bill

      Griff, in what video or course do you discuss/show picking style? Frank who?

      • Griff Hamlin

        It’s not one specific place, I mention it as needed. Mostly in the Beginning Blues Guitar course and the Speed Builders.

    • SRQDean

      Thanks Griff. That was just what I needed to hear today.

    • Lefty Byrd

      Today is Eric Claptons 77th Birthday! SO crank up some Crossroads or other blues favorites in his honor today.

    • Tony

      Awesome video. I’ve been trying to learn guitar for a year now but I have limited practice time. I get a lot of inspiration from your videos. Thank you for everything.

    • Mick H

      Thanks Griff – Each & every one of those ideas is a winner !
      At nursing school, our teachers were hugely into setting SMART goals for things . . . Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Long ago realised that SMART goals are very beneficial when you’re trying to learn or develop pretty well any skill.
      Love also tips 6 and 7. They go together hand in glove.
      Thanks again.

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