This riff came from a Rory Gallagher recording, but I’ve heard it (or variations of it) in many songs over the years (CCR comes to mind, even though I can’t think of which song.)

It’s in E, and like many blues things in E, it’s based around the open position E minor box 1/box 2 scales.

Then, when it goes to the IV chord, the A, it just moves the whole thing up – which is an easy move to make.

Also cool is the turnaround, which goes up by 1/2 step to the C instead of down to the A7 so it’s kind of a nice variation to have in your hip pocket (think of songs like “Little Sister” which make the same move.)

Hope you dig it and feel free to share with any guitar playing friends.

Here Is The TAB (PDF)

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    • les

      Hi How can I print off the TAB to this lesson

      on Rory Gallagher Style Blues/Rock Riff

    • M Conlon

      Wow somebody else really recognizes one of the greatest unheralded blues guitarist that should have got more popularity in the US than he did. Love his stuff! Hope you can do more of his riff and licks.

    • Keith

      I’m supposed to be working on a lot of other things, but I stuck this into the song “Lodi” — long story — for a solo in G and it worked out nicely. I figured it would go from one song Fogerty did to the othe other pretty well. I always liked John’s Guitar guitar playing and so much of it has that Country twang in it. Great little lesson, but I still have trouble with some of it around the pull offs.

    • DaveyJoe

      Cool stuff! Thanks Griff!

    • Terry

      Nice. Very useful to add in too a bunch of licks. Rory was a great player never got the credit. Calling Card was a simple song I learned from his playing. Check it out.

      • HotLks

        “Calling Card”
        Very nice.

    • HotLks

      Ah! Just basking in the glory of a fine rhythm guitar riff. So much fun!

    • Mike

      Awesome! Love it! The pulloffs and the turn from C into the B7 differentiate it from the CCR sound. Thanks Griff..

    • Jeff

      Griff, the CCR song that shares that lick is ‘Green River’.

    • D Frank Robinson

      I believe the CCR song you’re thinking of is Green River.

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