This is something that Albert King does better than anyone, and it’s a way of punctuating your phrases with a few different options.

A lot of people have asked me about these little flurries that sort of fall off the end of the licks, and this is how you do them.

Need the TAB? That’s HERE (PDF)

    6 replies to "Punctuation In The Style Of Albert King"

    • Jean C Dominique

      Beautiful stuff. Thank you always

    • LongJim

      You been working out?

      Love the Range tshirt. Turning into a Texan!

    • Chris

      Aussie Chris

      Great demonstration, love your short sharp videos that I can digest for the rest of the day.

    • Steve chabrecek

      Good stocking stuffer !

    • Jerry

      Why don’t I know!? If this is in shuffle or Straight time!?

      A hopeless case.

    • Steve Reynolds

      Diggin’ the flow, Griff! It’s a good look. Thanks for this great lesson. Opens up some doors, for sure.

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