You have probably heard me talk about phrasing on more than one occasion…

And I’ve certainly expounded upon the need to “leave some space,” in your solos…

But this lesson isn’t about that at all 🙂

In fact, the idea here is to keep playing steady 1/8th notes, don’t stop, and still hit the target.

What’s the target, you ask?

The root notes, or any chord tone will do… but in this video we’ll stick to the roots. And until you’re good at it, I suggest you do the same.

Hope you dig the video!

    6 replies to "Playing Steady Eighth Notes To Improve Your Aim"

    • TC Morris

      Your 5 easy blues solos is great now wow your 5 more easy blues solos are really toasting keep up your teaching thanks T C

    • Jennifer

      Thats cool👍. In 50 some years of ‘just’ noodling out the blues, I never really thought consciously about landing on the note at chord change. It sort of happens a lot organically, but actually thinking about the pattern to get there is pretty cool.

    • Ronald Larson

      I’ve been playing guitar for a long long time. This is a very useful exercise (and musical!). Thanks Griff.

      Interstate Slim: Nice way to augment this exercise working up and down the neck, very useful, thanks for commenting!

      My practice never stops now that I’m retired! In my next lifetime I hope to be a descent guitar player. Lol!

    • Bill

      I really appreciate this particular lesson. My musical life started as a sax player (and still think like one). This lesson struck a “chord” with me. I started to play guitar after I was already pretty much a very accomplished wind player. This has shown me a way to _not_ think chromatically and hits the mark, with me anyway, on something I had been not getting a grip on with soloing. I’ll probably spend a lot of time on this one. Pretty sure it will take out some awkwardness soloing over chord changes. I’ve found myself sort of hanging myself up when I’ve been more or less stealing a lick that doesn’t always work over the progression that’s being played. Maybe I didn’t articulate my comment very well, but this has opened my ears to what I’ve been missing. Thanks!

    • tony

      Had 4 guitars a bass a drummer all playing last night and tried hard to do exactly what your lesson is about. It ain`t easy for sure . In that setting of course . Now and then it just works out nice.

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks for the lesson, I have a fast paced backing track I do this with in the key of E. I try to hit the target notes all up and down the neck in an effort to learn where all the roots are. Has helped as a change of pace to my regular practice when I’m not feeling so creative. Enjoy your day.

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