One of the more difficult, but important techniques you need to play with a heavy picking hand in the style of SRV or KWS is the ability to play “behind” your muting fingers.

In this video I’ll explain what that concept is, and how to start practicing on it so that you can increase the amount of control you have over how your notes ring out and what doesn’t ring out.

    7 replies to "Playing Behind The Muting Fingers"

    • Mike

      Hi Griff, Is this something that’s easier when your string height is a bit higher on the guitar? You don’t mention the string height on the guitar. Or do I just need a lighter touch for my muting hand?

    • Jeff

      I love your courses (I have dozens of them). I love your emails. Read them each day you send them out and I watch all the videos too.

      For me, this is without a doubt the most annoying video you have made. If I have to hear that pick scrape the strings one more time I’m going to find a bridge to jump from.

      Keep the videos coming. I just can’t listen to this one, as important as it is.

    • Bob K

      Circling back to your recent Voodoo Child lesson, doesn’t SRV use this technique in his version? I’ve watched a few videos of him playing it and his right hand just keeps moving and moving.

      Can’t wait to try this. Thanks Griff

    • Jim Kubitza

      Thank you Griff for the how o keepme frustrated for the next 5 years email.

    • Michael L. McSpadden

      Appreciate the daily videos. Love your courses! I’m playing better now than I ever did, and I’m 65 and I’ve been TRYING to play since my teens. Finally progressing beyond the garage band level lol.

    • Jim

      How cool! I love this! Can’t wait to try it and get it down good! Thanks again for ALL your fantastic videos!

    • Gary Watters

      I really appreciate your daily lessons Griff. Thanks!

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