These last few days we’ve been talking a lot about “acoustic” blues, in the sense that it’s blues you play by yourself – and not with a band…

But I really want to emphasize that these skills are just as useful on an electric guitar – with a band – as they are without!

In fact, in some ways, this might help your band playing (soloing instead of solo…) as much or more than just about anything else you can do.

So check out this video, it’s not real long, and see what I mean:

    8 replies to "Playing “Acoustic” On Electric"

    • Jim Holmberg

      Thank you Sir!

    • Frank

      Great lesson Griff, Totally enjoyed this one. Played the heçk out of it. We all did as it went around the circle, good fun!
      Thanx again

    • Franko

      You are so talented all I can do is say wow! What would be great to show is a clip from your “play acoustic jam alone program” and then play the same initial clip on the electric as a comparison. It would show so much to remove any thought that it is for acoustic only etc.

    • East Coast Bill

      Nice. Enjoy these lessons alot.

    • Rob

      I have really enjoyed this series of videos. The new series is a great course as well. Thank you for including that in your course list.

    • Richard W Harris

      Griffin, your lessons are the best on the web. I learn something new with everyone! Thanks so much 👍

    • Jack Runnels

      Most all the Blues players switched from Acoustic to electric long ago. When I am learning something I may play the acoustic or electric guitar. This course is that for me just learn it on the acoustic then at times jam it out on the electric guitar out on the porch.

    • Joe Lamere

      thanks so much!! my eyes and fingers REALLY opened up to this !!!!

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