This is a fun little project to try if you struggle with:

1 – Switching between the major and minor blues sounds…
2 – Counting the 12 bar blues (or getting lost within the form.)

If you’re not at a point where you are switching sounds yet, that’s OK!

You can still practice counting through the 12 bar blues form and hitting the chord, just keep using the same sound (or maybe different boxes of the same sound if you feel comfortable.)

Scale as needed for your level!

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    • G.Ford

      Griff, Question: If using the minor boxes of the same key then the major over the I chord and then minor over the IV and V is a must because of major 3rd. BUT… could I switch the to the major scale of the IV only over the IV chord and the same for the V… example in key of A: A major or minor pentatonic over the I; A minor pentatonic or D major pentatonic over the IV… and same for the V… A minor pentatonic or E major. Is that appropriate?

      • Chris G

        I think that’s what Griff calls “chasing the chords” or something like that. And the answer is YES, you can do what you described. It’s a very cool sound. Griff has a blog posting about it elsewhere.
        Chris G.

    • Alexander

      Hey Griff, great lesson I can’t wait to start doing the exercise . It’s cool to see a lesson like this because I was sort of stuck trying to remember the 12 bar blues format, Again great information have to go and try this out.
      Thanks Griff

    • Chris G

      This is a great lesson. I’ve just been playing around with it for about 30 minutes and I already “found” a turnaround phrase that I’ve never used before. Doing what Griff said, just playing the chord on the downbeat each time the chord changes, then noodling in Major over the I and Minor over the IV and V. No jam track, just me and my guitar (where have I heard that?). Then I went back to the computer and ran the metronome to find that I’ve been playing at about 96bpm. Started out in B for a couple of choruses, then moved it up to D for a couple, Down to G, back up to Bb. Had a WHOLE lot of fun. I’m gonna sit down with this lesson for however long it takes, and try to “figure out” what Griff plays at the start – that one chorus is so cool, and has so many ideas, AND thanks to this lesson I’m not too intimidated to try it. That’s a BIG progress step for me.
      Cheers from Australia, keep safe everybody,
      Chris G.

    • Scott Mickelson

      Griff, what course do you have/recommend that focuses on solos between the major and minor sound? Thx much.

      • Griff

        Blues Guitar Unleashed does for the last third, or so, of the course. Also there’s a course called Major Minor Blues Shapes that is nothing but that.

    • Bobby D

      Thank you so much ☺️ makes me smile to see this after I stumbled upon this by accident practicing something else yesterday 🎸🎶😎

    • Jim

      Thanks Griff. Great lesson about pivoting around the root for switching between major and minor pentatonic scales. You can play minor pentatonic scale with I,IV, V Chords but what is the rule for which chord goes with the major pentatonic scale.?

      • Ricardo

        Major or minor over the I, minor over the IV and V.

        When Griff discusses Level 2 he points out that you now have the option of playing Major or minor over the I chord. Though he doesn’t say it directly, the implication is that you continue to play minor over the IV and V.

    • Jay Rattien

      I bought a bunch of your courses. Which of the courses offered explain and tab out what you just went over in this video? I am a beginner at this but would love to learn the blues the way you teach it.
      Jay Rattien

      • Todd Brennan

        Griff I have completed. 4 more solo, 1 and 2 of 5 East solos, and 1 and 2 of BGU 2.0. 2 of BGU had us jumping between box 1 and 2. I imagine the rest of the solos take on different more difficult concepts. Am I right?

        • Griff

          Yes, keep with it through solos 4-6 and you’ll do a LOT of it.

    • Dave S

      Sure gets fun when you get to that level. Keep us between the lines on the Blues Highway Griff.

    • Mike

      Thanks Griff. It’s slow going but I’m going. Feels good to mix it up a bit.

    • Joe B

      Around my house, I’ve started referring to Griff as “Edison” because every time I listen to him a light bulb lights up. I’ve also referred to him as Count Griff, for an obvious reason — rhythm is the heart of music, and especially so in the blues. I’m starting to think I’m ready to go back through BGU 2.0 again, and really understand it this time!

    • Dave Kennedy

      Are there any rules of thumb for playing major or minor over which chords? For example, should I play major or minor over the V chord?

      • Ricardo

        Major or minor over the I.
        Minor over the IV & V.

    • Todd Woodhams

      Awesome again! I have to agree with Larry, it amazes me how you play. This lesson comes at a good time for me being I’m at lesson 5 in BGU 2.0. I’d also like to add to yesterday’s video…I was born deaf and got my hearing around 5 yrs of age and I’ve struggled with rhythm my whole life now (I’m 60 ) and so glad to have chosen you as a teacher, I’m finally starting to hear and feel the rhythm / beat and it’s a great feeling! Thanks Thanks n Thanks again.

    • johnnie

      You have been such a gift to us Griff…

    • Larry

      Hey griff great video it amazes me how u play…Thanks!!

    • cowboy

      thanks for the simple snd concise vid…always good to review the basics…

    • Tony Fenton

      Thanks Griff, I am at the beginning of BGU 2.0. This is way above my level.

      • Gordon Moore

        I know what you mean, but once you have the minor pentatonic and the major pentatonic scale in your fingers, it will make much more sense I think, so it’s not that far off for you as you might think. And I had better go and do the same thing… :()

    • Alan

      I’ve started working on this over the past week and it’s starting to turn into an ah-ha moment. Good stuff.

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