A lot of times my students will learn box 1 (and maybe box 2) of the pentatonic scale really well…

But then when it comes to boxes 4 and 5… not so much.

There’s nothing wrong with boxes 1 and 2, and they will be your bread and butter. But there are times when you might want to see the boxes in a different way.

And when you use interval patterns, you will see that box 4 is equivalent to box 1, while box 5 is equivalent to box 2!

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    • Raul Moralez

      Just what I needed to get to the next step. I needed this that Griff….YATB!!!

    • Cincinnati Rob

      I like it!
      Very kewl….

    • Casey Brose

      Griff:My name is Casey. You have been my mentor since I got on line. I had played in the past, just chords. I know I wanted to learn leads, but didn’t know where to start. I bought the blues gig in a box. I think I learned box 1.(pretty easy). It took me forever to get a d.v.d. player to play the discs. Are there supposed to be live guitar instructions? Because I mainly have backing tracks and songs mainly. I also have a booklet. You have taught me a lot with your daily lessons. Thank you very much. You are a genious!
      Casey Brose
      p.s. Keep us posted when you will play again….

      • Griff

        You should have a bunch of DVDs and those are what you need for the instruction. That course is songs, you REALLY should go through Blues Guitar Unleashed either first, or at the same time, or it may seem really hard.

    • gary

      you know….I’m not a blues player. BUT, you are tying together all the bits and pieces I have learned very nicely. I just may have to subscribe yet.

    • Harry

      Another arrow in my quill.

    • Keith Kuepfer

      Thanks, Griff! Really good information, as usual. Gotta go to my jam space and try this one out!

    • Arthur Long

      these lessons are to advanced for me can you bring the lessons down a bit

    • tony

      Alright good one . Intervals important point. There are also key notes to hang on. Three to be more in line . I believe that in time I will find them and it is in the intervals . Poor box 3 isn`t getting any love . This is not a poo poo lesson at all .

    • Anthony Ingoglia

      I was at a jam. Lots of guitars. Mostly beginner intermediate players. Since most of the players were playing similar chords all the same position, I was experimenting with different voicing. The moderator will call out a name for soloing. Right before the first bar he hollers “Anthony “. I was so far up the neck I was stuck. I did what you suggest. I found the root note on string 4. I I“felt”the box 1 pattern and safely went through the scale. My ears allowed me to copy sounds and bends from box 1. In the group we generally are only allowed one 12 bar solo so as to give others a chance. I was able to pull it off sounding like me. No one except me realized that I had just had an out-of-the-box experience. I had just gone up a notch higher in my intermediate. I learning phase. I’m thinking, thanks Griff.

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks Griff, I stumbled into the pattern box 1/ box 4 a few months ago when I was working on knowing where my root notes were. I noticed going toward the body off the root the pattern you showed repeated anywhere the root was. If you go one string above the root it’s the same fret spread ( third?) as off the root then it goes into the whole step pattern. Then the pattern toward the headstock from the root is whole step, with a whole step on the strings above and below the root string followed by the third? For two strings, then repeats the whole steps again. Hope that makes sense, it did in my head😎😁

    • Dave

      Nicely done Griff! Over the years I have heard this explained in quite a number of different ways but most of them never really made sense to me. This explanation is the epiphany that I have been looking for. My Ah Ha moment. Thanks for turning on the light. Keep up the good work.

      • Gene

        I agree with Dave. This was an Ah Ha moment for me too.

    • Bruce

      Intervals. Now that is cool. NEVER thought of it that way. Great tip Griff. Thanks.

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