Since I can’t go out, I’ve been doing some updates to gear and I thought it would be a good chance to show you what I’m running currently, and why.

Signal Chain on this board: Guitar – Wah – Vibe Machine – Prescription Electronics Experience – Boss TU2 – Zendrive – Lovepedal Super Six SRV – Keeley Katana Boost – Ibanez Echo Machine (rehoused by XTS) – Leslie G Pedal – Strymon Flint

What I hope you’ll pay attention to more than the actual pedals is the “why” behind each one, and the myriad of options that are very nearly the same and, in some cases, much more cost effective 🙂

Options for the Super Six (base overdrive) that you’ll see me use regularly:

Boss BD2 Blues Driver

  • Vemuram Jan Ray
  • Ibanez Tube King
  • MI Audio Super Crunch Box V2

Options for the Zendrive:

  • Tube Screamer of any flavor
  • Boss Super Overdrive
  • Any Klon style overdrive (there are dozens)
  • Fulltone Fulldrive (any version)

So if you’re a gearhead I think you’ll like this:

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    • Bob K

      Honestly never knew that the order mattered…since I only have two right now — BOSS Blues Driver and Digitech Rock Distortion — I’ll have to keep this in mind. I like the idea of a tuner pedal rather than rely on the clip-on tuners

      Quick question for anyone to answer. The two pedals I have don’t seem to be working well (BOSS was an Xmas gift so it’s new, Digitech is a bit older). Neither have a power adapter and are running on 9v batteries…is that the problem?

      • Bob K

        Just an update. Bought connector cables and a power adapter for both of my pedals…works great!

        I have a Digitech Rock Distortion (my son’s, actually) and Boss Blues Driver. I have room for three more. Wah pedal interests me (even though it’s not really for blues) and I think a looper makes sense. Any thoughts or suggestions ?

    • Mark

      Rather than going to several pedals I have a Vox ToneLab ST that gives me many options found on multipedal boards. Any suggestions for stting this up? I noted uour comments about reverb, overdrive and fuzz. This pedal system comes with a tuner and a wah pedal, I used it with a band I played with until I moved to a mearby town.

    • Greg Kyser

      Thanks. That was helpful. I have a question that hopefully someone can answer. I use a Big Muff Pi second in the chain after a Boss compressor. I just want a little bit of fuzz, but at the lowest possible settings it’s just overwhelming. Everything sounds like Smashing Pumpkins or Metallica. Definitely not the sound I seek. I’m assuming it’s the character of the pedal. Any recommendations for a more nuanced sounding fuzz?

    • Mark

      Great video Griff. I’ve recently built a pedal board on the back of one of your previous videos – could have sworn the tuner came first – but will give this chain a go too. You previously recommended a mad professor deep blue delay – great pedal. So far have a tube screamer, blues driver and chorus pedals too. One point I would mention and I hope helps others is using a power source with isolated outputs to 9v. I went for 1-SPOT PRO CS 12 which should give me plenty to play with. The alternative was a Gig Rig which I found a little pricey for my level. Thanks for all your lessons and info’ over the years Griff – great stuff. Best wishes from UK.

    • Ron Rees

      HI Griff,
      Looper? Is there a cheap one that accepts mp3 (or wav or ? ) file from a thumb drive or equal?


      • Donovan Hulbert

        Some of them have usb in. but they tend to be the more expensive ones. I use a Boss RC-30 and it is kind of expensive around $300 but you can put wav files in it from your computer and take them out to save them as well. I have used cheaper loopers and they tend to not work so well.

      • Dave

        Hey Ron. I think the Ditto+ will take USB input?

      • Larry Molter

        Yes, Ditto+ accepts .wav only (although they claim .mp3’s will work — they don’t).

      • Tom

        JamMan Solo XL accepts Micro USB.

    • The Tonester

      Hi Griff, I have a Analog man King of tone. So would you recommend a tube screamer or a blues driver to accompany the KOT ?
      Also what wah pedal are you using?

      Thanks for the great content. Just found out about you and learning tons!

      • Donovan Hulbert

        It’s most likely a cry baby.

    • Michael Luckenbach

      I enjoy your videos. I do a solo acoustic gig. This is unrelated to this video, but is there any software or pedal that will give me a bass line by following the chords l’m playing. Don’t know if that exists. But l decided to display my ignorance and ask. I learned to play in the 60s. My primary weapon was an unamped, nylon string Epiphone. Still have although not in use anymore.

      • Alan H

        Check out the Digitec Trio +. They’re not cheap but they do that. I’m thinking about one myself.

    • Jack Donoghue

      Hi, Griff.
      I use another SORT OF pedal.
      It’s called a Boss WL-50 Wireless System.
      It is a delight. Haven’t pulled my chord out since I started using it! Ha-Ha!

      Give it a shot. I think you’ll like it.

    • Chris J CLEMANS

      Great video Griff it is really helpfull , I need to move my tuner its first in line after my wa pedal. I was curious as to what type camera or camera’s are you using and audio if you don’t mind my asking. Thanks again


      I also rely on a CLEAN amp, and MY pedal that is always on for basic overdrive is my “The Dude” pedal by J. Rockett.

    • tony

      I can say I only rely on 2 different systems . I use a rp 80 made by digitech I also have a old school rp 7 . I always go clean with both. A classic black face mode is where I am mostly. I will be searching out a new system for one the tuner does not work on one and the other lost the wah pedal . I guess its time to do the pedal upgrade . The system still floats . A buddy wanted to play my guitar for a bit and he stood in front of the amp which is a marshall and tweeked around for 20 mins. A 80s Krammer with seymore duncans he loved it . With just the amp sounds good. I never knew how all the pedals work . Well take care see You . Thanks for the input .

    • Dick Foster

      I have found a drummer in my neighborhood. We are trying to jam around a little especially using backing tracks. The acoustic drums are so loud. He can’t hear the backing track and I cannot hear my guitar very well.. Any suggestions

      • Rick White

        In Ear Monitors

    • Ellen Harvey

      Thank you for this video. Lately I have been confounded on being unable to get any tone even in the ballpark to what you are doing- even with my Vox valvetronic amp. I was going to plead for some help. I just ordered a new pedal from your recommendations I can produce most from this amp, but not the bass overdrive and distortion. You rock.

    • Ed Beck

      Regarding the order of you signal chain, is there a reason that the tuner isn’t first?

      • Griff

        Yes, fuzz pedals have to come before anything with a buffer and the tuner has a buffer.

      • John MacAulay

        I always had my tuner first as well until I started watching That Pedal Show. Great show about “Pedals and how they work and with Amps etc”. So to the question finally lol you put your tuner pedal after your drive pedals so if you have a noisey drive pedal and you are paused to tube or in between sets or songs you can just hit the tuner and of course it mutes the pedals before it. Your delays reverbs etc that typically come after the drives aren’t typically noisey pedals. Give it a try it works. .

    • Mike A.

      First thanks for emphasizing the why. Second, since you didn’t do a vlog yesterday where we could leave a comments, I’d like to say your impromptu video yesterday shows your love for music and how it is not only a source of income, but a way of life. We did our first livestream from church yesterday and unfortunately the sound was nowhere as good as yours! Maybe a lesson on live-streaming music?

    • Alan

      Interesting and informative stuff. Do more live stuff with the other guys in your band Griff. That rehearsal that was on Youtube was great. I think I speak for most of us out here in hunkered down country when I say that we really look forward to your daily blog. Keep em coming is right.

    • Jeff Bower

      Thanks much. A very good balance of explaining the pedals and playing so we can hear the sounds.

      I very much like your attitude toward switching pedals that are in the same category. Sometimes players seem to think that theirs is the one “best” overdrive (for instance) and that all others are inferior. Your approach is better and allows us folks that are learning about pedals not to feel that the one we happened to buy is ‘inferior.’

    • Doug

      Love this… Keep them coming… 😊🍻🇺🇸

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