Today I’m tackling that age old issue…

“Griff, why don’t you teach us ‘real’ songs?”

I do, all the time, you just have to know how songs really work, so watch this:

In case you’re interested, you can check out Blues Gig In A Box here –

    4 replies to "One Riff Does Not A Song Make"

    • Michael+Chappell

      Hey Griff Thanks for a good lesson here, as you know I have both versions of the Blues Gig In A Box Vol 2 etc. but I have to confess when I purchased them they were for later as at the time far too advanced for me. Hopefully I will get back to them soon as I am a bit time poor in retirement at present and getting seriously back into learning all the course I have purchase from BGU now that I can read and play the TAB. You are right in this lesson, I am using your 5 Easy Blues Solos against some Jam Tracks in similar Keys, I am also using some of your solos for some of my own songs.

      Thanks for sharing such a great lesson as always.

      Michael-Sydney-Australia Jan 21st 2024

    • David M Baker

      Wasn’t this lesson recently on sale? I swore I got an email offering BGIAB for almost half off, I’d love to take advantage of that if still available!

    • Lou Serrano

      Really enjoyed this video and a few lights just went on as I was watching it. Love your teaching style and everything you have to offer. Cheers for a great 2024!🎸

    • Jerry Rux

      How true when Pinetop Perkins starts out Come Back Baby it sounds like he is going to do How Long Blues and Johnny Winter Come Back Baby has a different grove but almost same lyrics .

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