It’s gear day here at BGU, and I want to tell you about a new pedal I’ve been using in place of my tried-and-true tube screamer…

Now then, here’s the cool part…

I setup a deal with my friend over at BBE Pedals so that my folks (aka you) can get a great deal on this pedal this week…

Go to: and use the promo code bgugs23 and you can get it for 33% off ($99.99 instead of $149.99) with free shipping in the US!

    13 replies to "My New Screamer"

    • frank A oesterling

      the code did not work for me shadyfranks

    • Steve

      Did the promo code expire already?trve

    • Curtis

      The promo code is not working currently

    • Steve


      How come the BBE promo code is not working?

    • Bo Chandler

      Somewhere in transit. Your demo sold me on it. Keep up the good work.

    • Mark

      Interested – was going to use my US postal service to Oz but I get 404 Page Not Found

    • Vic+Soboleski

      If I didn’t already have a screamer dlx(has supposedly all versions of screamers switchable) ,and a waza bd 2, an mxr evh phase 90&5150 od, I’d be giving serious consideration …you definitely gave me the srv vibe in your examples

    • Bill

      Just ordered mine. I get the impression BBE is affiliated with G&L, which gives me confidence in the quality.

      • Todd

        BBE Sound Inc. bought G&L Manufacturing and G&L Sales early November 1991. New Years Day 1992 G&L continued on under the ownership of BBE Sound Inc.

    • Thomas Guitarman

      GREAT demo and licks to show them nice

    • Jeff

      Interesting… Does BBE also make the Crunch Box??

      I’m not really a pedal guy, but the day might come…


      I have a Big Muff, from 1971. modified by the guy who mods David Gilmores pedal. I had it done in 1986. still sounds good. I have the original tube screamer from 1970’s. I like the sound. Of your toy. I did hear the difference in the lows. just have no money for another pedal. half of my band has passed at 71, I don’t play much. i have the SONG CREATOR, SO THATS MY BAND. LOL !

    • cowboy

      I’ll give it a try…thanks…later.


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