Yes, I’m set in my ways and have practiced, worked, and learned in a very “old school” fashion for over 40 years…

I finally got a looper, and I’ve been using some software tools to help me with transcription for a few years as well…

But this is on a whole other level for someone like me… And you might dig it, plus it now works with all video in the Blues Guitar Unleashed Member area 🙂


Yes, I set up a discount for you if you use this link:

And use the promo code BGU10 for 10% off.

In the past, I’ve talked about Video Surgeon, which I have also used a lot over the past several years and, until recently, exclusively.

I’m still using it for transcribing more than Vidami, but I’m using Vidami more for my own practice. To me, they are different tools and I find certain subtleties in one or the other than make them more tempting in one way or another.

Your experience may be different so please, feel free to share it in the comments if you’ve tried either or both tools.

Disclaimer: if you buy anything I recommend, you should assume I get some sort of compensation from the manufacturer. That being said, I can assure you it’s not enough to sway me into promoting something I wouldn’t actually use 🙂

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    • Willem

      Thanks for the help. I’m not very good with computer gadgets,this really helped.

    • Sid

      I am most things the techie but I have had mine sitting around for the longest time also.
      Watched a number of HOWTO videos but never really used it in anger.
      Nice presentation and inspiration Griff!

    • Ernest Copenhaver

      Thanks for this video Griff! As an intermediate player that’s trying to improve my repertoire of licks this looks like an excellent tool.

    • Travis Walker

      Definitely the most useful tool as a beginner and beyond. Selecting video without having to reach for a mouse and then get settled back to playing eliminates so mush frustration. Beyond BGU I record clips from my private lessons, upload to a private utube channel where I can loop them.. so helpful.

    • Dan

      I purchased Video Surgeon and it provides the same features, except no pedals and one has use the mouse and keyboard (so slower to use to do things skip forward, pause, etc.). And I appreciate Griff’s review of the Vidami. Partly I bought the product for the Video Editor, to make videos of me making music, potentially playing multiple parts, to review my performances and to share with my guitar friends.

      On the subject of software tools, I’m just curious if anyone has used Rip-X software to take an original recording, strip out the guitar and vocals, and use it as a backing track to practice and record the song with the backing track. One guy told me that’s what he uses. I’d appreciate any feedback on Rip-X. Thanks!

      • Adele

        I just use the Open Source tools that Video Surgeon is built over the top of. They are free, both in cost and license to use and or modify .

    • Chris Byrne

      I bought one but had to return it. My DAW is 32 bit, Vidami is based on 64 bit. My rig is about 8 years old (iMac).

    • Zach

      I have had the Vidami pedal for about three years. I use it virtually everyday and highly recommend it to anyone that plays along with video online. This thing is worth its weight in gold.

    • Dean Hunter

      Bought the corded one when they first came out. Took me awhile to start using it but now use it all the time. Great product.

    • Frank

      I bought the original corded one. Used it since they first came out. I use it all the time for practicing. Works with just about everything I need. I highly recommend it for keeping my hands on the guitar and off the mouse!

    • Peter S

      Nice tool, but they would charge next to 50 bucks for shipping to Germany. Are there any alternative products which would also work on the BGU platform ?

    • Chopper

      I got the blues one!

    • Collin

      Video wouldn’t even play for me

    • Herman

      Have seen this in the past, but unsure of it’s value. Following your recommendation, I’ve ordered a Vidami Blue

    • Gene T

      Most of Griff’s video lessons and demos are useful…this one is not.

      The audio from the demo…playing at what seems to be its own full volume while Griff is lecturing…is distracting to the point of annoying.

      • Pete

        Quite agree. Glad I started playing guitar many decades ago without all this crap.

    • cowboy

      very interesting practice tool…will check it out…thanks…later.


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