This video is one of my favorite “moves” around and through some of my favorite blues soloing scales and sounds.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about what I call the, “core position,” for many blues players… this is it.

Notice how, with minimal movement, I can go through 3 unique sounds easily and comfortably, with only minor adjustments getting from one scale to the next…

In my opinion, that should be your goal, not moving around the fretboard in large leaps and bounds.

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    • Adam V Wilson

      Hi Griff Hamlin thanks so much you are the only one on earth that makes me Slap Happy Pappy 😎

    • Barry

      I have paid a lot of money over the years for online guitar lessons. But Grif’s four note solo, another one of his major pentatonic videos showing the house pattern, and this video, especially this video, finally, for me, Shined a light on how to jump from minor pentatonic to major pent@tonic with the chord changes. And being able to understand why you are doing it. Yeah, I understood the whole minor third major third concept and I know the notes on my fretboard but now something has clicked in my brain. Thanks Grif! Love that Dickie Betts sound with the minor six scale over the D9 on the 4 chord!

    • Suzanne

      Wow! I feel so much better. This video gave me permission to add sounds my ear has been wanting to use, but because I am still pretty new at this, I thought might be “wrong”…meaning “not the Blues.” Now I the rationale for doing so, plus 3 easy patterns with which to wed them. Many thanks.

    • Wayne

      Great lesson Griff, just got motivated to start playing again.

    • Mark Trammel

      Awesome. Thank you.

    • billy ormerod

      Much to soak up there ..thank you

    • Steven Draper

      Sure enjoy your teaching methodologies! It says I have said that before but trust me I have never said “ methodologies “ before in my life!

    • Steven Draper

      Sure enjoy your teaching methodologies!

    • Steven Draper

      Love your teaching techniques!

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