Got a request for this tune, and I have to say I really love the creative use of chords within the 12 bar blues form…

There are definitely some substitutions and some fun options for you to play with, so I’ll go through the chords in the song, and some soloing ideas, in case you want to try them.

    12 replies to "Mercy Fell Like Rain"

    • Lawrence

      Superb. Many thanks Griff.

    • Pete Chun

      Nice lesson, I like the chord progression, but I had wished you played through the complete chord progression without interruption or provided a simple chord chard. Something I could refer to when practicing by myself.

    • Joe Thomas

      Voted. You deserve to win.

    • Tommy Hodges

      I voted for ewe Griff maybe ewe will win.

    • Alvin Douglas

      I enjoyed this. Well done.

    • Alexander

      Cool video lesson. This really ties in with the guitar theory unleashed course that I’m studying and the modes unleashed course as well. Can’t wait to to dig into this one . Thanks Griff.

    • Ricky Quinn

      Thanks for the lesson Griff. I’m a beginner and have your beginner corse. I love minor cord blues. Just somehow feel the more. By the way I DID VOTE FOR YOU.

    • David Galloway

      Really great explanation. I turned so many people on to you. Great teacher, excellent style.
      I just moved from Atlanta to the Georgia coast which is going to give me some more time to dig in.
      I am so appreciative of your work.
      Thank you,

    • Frank Dion

      WOW. Great lesson. Thx.

    • Sam Pair

      Thank you Griff for breaking this great song down!

    • HotLks

      I just decided two days ago to focus on this song. The chords are very challenging to me and I had not yet decided how I to approach it. I was going to start with identifying the bass line for the notes. Then trying the corresponding minor chords, followed by 6ths and 9ths with the occasional 7ths and some majors.
      Thank you.

    • Eddie Lee

      Man… what a great tune! Also, take a peak at Because You Love me by Kaz Hawkins for some nice touches… Or, Rise Up by Avey Grouws Band w/Jeni Grouws on vocals… or…

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