Got a request for some info on this tune…

I’d not heard it, but it was a fun one so I made a video about it for you, I hope you dig it.

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    • Tom Blues Man Hunter

      Chuck Berry wrote and played the riffs and licks to ‘
      ‘ Memphis’ back in the 1950s. He sang about his little girl Marie in Memphis TN. Very poignant. I like all of Johnny Rivers’ music including his cover of Memphis. Saw him perform live in 1968 in El Paso TX. Lonnie Mack did the instrumental cover of Memphis. And I was a Lonnie Mack fan also. I wore my fingers out trying to emulate his version of Memphis.

    • Richard Freitag

      Thanks Griff . I switched phones and haven’t been receiving your weekly lessons. I still have the same Email. Have all my CDs I ordered but been missing your regular lesson . Thank you, Richard.

    • Paul Sims

      Very GOOD!!! I love the blues and guitar SOUND!!

    • Don Hall

      Love it when you give us options to explore, like the open D vs. D fretted-on-the-5th string idea. Keep ’em coming!

    • John E Washburn

      I played in a “garage band” in the 60’s and Lonnie Mack was one of our heros. This song “Memphis” was, as I remember, what started it all about 1962. He later did a cover of (what I think) is an old Jimmy Reed song called “Baby What’s Wrong” but in a fast rock shuffle feel. To me the lead solo in “Baby What’s Wrong” was one of the best ever. It would be great to hear Griff talk about that song and solo. His Gibson Flying V guitar was the envy of many. So glad to see Lonnie Mack’s music remembered.

    • Sam

      Lonnie Mack was my favorite back in ’62, ’63. ‘Bout 20 years ago he played a house party for Moe Bandy’s brother (can’t pull up his name). My welder, who worked for the brother (contracted to us) came back talking about the party. He never heard of Lonnie Mack, but thought he was pretty good. His look of surprise when I knew who he was was probably what saved him a thrashing.

    • Bill C.

      Just a tid bit, but I didn’t know Lonnie Mack way back in the 60’s, but heard the song on Johnny Rivers album ages ago, loved it. I think he played it pretty much just like that. I’m going to grab that LP and have a listen and give it a try. BTW, sad day today in the music world with the passing of Charlie Watts.

    • Jim Cinnater

      This is your new (actually very old) 1969 Fender Stratocaster you picked up a year or two ago from Norm over at Norm’s Rare vintage guitars, right Griff??!! Jim C.

    • randy

      The very first thing I learned on the guitar was the 1 – 4 – 5 progression in E. Had to really stretch and put my pinky to work to barre on the 7th fret to play the B. Then the guy who taught me this then showed me how to play it in A eliminating the awful task of stretching my untrained hand and allowing me to use open chords to pull it off. He said it’s all very circular and that although I don’t understand now, it will come to me later. AND IT DID. What’s more, I started to notice just how prevalent the 1,4,5 is. That was about 1966 and he was right. I didn’t understand a bit of it as he told me but listening to rock and roll and the blues… 1,4,5.

    • Jeff

      Cool lesson. I don’t want the tab. Instead, I would suggest this as a foundational song for your next new offering: 5 More Easy Blues Songs. Thanks man.

    • Jim

      Lonnie Mack….one of the most not spoken of guys in guitar history. His influence is all over Stevie Ray Vaughn and so many others. Some of my buddies too me to a Lonnie Mack “concert” (really just a dancehall event in those days) for my 16th birthday….I walked away in awe and with his pick. Figured out his licks by dancing the stylus back and forth over the grooves in the vinyl. He had a signature sound…using a Leslie. Would have been cool to use a simulator to enhance the riff. Not criticizing you at all…just noting that it was such a part of the sounds.. Thank you for including him in you lessons….he deserves it.

    • Bill Kociaba

      Thanks Griff, Exactly what I was trying to figure out! Guys, this is proof beyond any doubt that Griff pays attention to us. I messeged him on the forum about part of this tune and instead of just answering here it is for all of us. For all of you who ask for tab, remember back in the day nobody had tab and had no choice but to use their ears. My ear sucks but I guess thats how we eventually get it better.

    • Jerry Persall

      Oh wow! What a wonderful surprise! I have always wanted to learn this song. Many, many thank yous from one of your longtime students in Colorado!

    • Dave

      Another of a steady streak on great lessons, Griff. Thanks

    • Rick

      I look so forward to these lessons! Thanks Griff. Hope “Tejas” is good to you and family.

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