It would be REALLY hard to learn all of the individual notes in a lick like this one from Gary Moore in his tune, “Key To Love”…

However, if you know the pentatonic scale pattern, and you understand the melodic pattern, and you have it under your fingers…

You’ll quickly see that there’s actually very little memorization going on…. it’s just a couple of patterns.

If you see this and think, “I’ll never be able to play that fast,” well, you might be surprised by that as well…

Again, if you understand the patterns, and you focus on the timing (being really good at playing triplets)…

Then you might very well have the finger speed to play licks like this, but your ear is holding you back.

Keep the timing in mind, keep counting, and focus on that above all else, and you’ll be playing stuff like this before you know it.

Pentatonic Scale & Technique Mastery can be found here:

    5 replies to "Melodic Patterns – Gary Moore Lick From “Key To Love”"

    • Tom Carpenter

      What a crazy great pattern to work on!!! I think this could be workable even for a retired 70yo carpenter with beat up hands. Thanx!!

    • Ian

      For some reason I didn’t get any volume

    • Jim

      Hi Griff,

      This was a fun lick to learn. You were right. I didn’t need the tab.



    • Ian Mansell

      To reference The Month Python election sketch, can I say this is the first I’ve appeared on Griffs reply board. Thanks DAD, I presume not a paternal statement to remind your kids who & where you are although a possibility once they escape to college, but some sort of abbreviated cause? Anyway thanks Griff. I seem to spend more time watching your regular email/videos than I do your courses. Note to self, watch & learn

      • Griff Hamlin

        The shirt actually has a funny paternal definition on the back… which clearly gets lost when you only see the front. Regardless, glad you like the videos.

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