Of all the “tricks” that guitar players use to create more interesting lines, this one probably took me the longest to figure out…

And you can call them lines or licks, I suppose, but to me, lines seem to have more melody and more purpose behind them…

Licks are great, and we all use them often, but a line is more challenging to create and requires a little more thought ahead of time.

So in this lesson, we’ll talk about a couple of melodic devices that I often see used to move through a simple series of notes with a lot more interesting motion.

This is just one of the topics in my new “Modern Blues Soloing” course, which is here:

Enjoy the video, TAB is below:

Here Is The TAB


    2 replies to "Melodic Devices For Creating Lines"

    • Vic betten

      Show some riffs and chords to classic songs that we might know the song but not the structure

    • Chris G

      Hi Griff. That idea of using a chromatic-note or a scale-note to approach the target note is something that sounds very nice. This line is a good one because it’s got a couple of instances to use; I’ll try to learn it and practice to use when I can get it right. To my ear, it sounds like the sort of thing that Charlie Christian used a lot – the kind of trumpet line that Charlie liked.

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