Most guitar players… and it seems especially blues players…

Have this goal of “mastering the fretboard,” which sounds really cool, until you try to work out how that’s going to be done…

For example, MANY of my students come to me saying they’ve been practicing all 5 boxes of the pentatonic scale or blues scale… but they still can’t really solo.

That’s because, plain and simple, you need to focus on small areas of the fretboard at once.

And that is ESPECIALLY true when you start trying to change sounds from major blues to minor blues or anything else you want to throw in (like the house pattern, or borrowing notes from another scale… etc.)

So in this video, I’ll show you one of my favorite spots to start fishing for fun sounds 🙂

    15 replies to "Lots Of Sounds In One Place"

    • Andrew

      Need your love so bad..

    • Raymond loffredo

      Hi Griff, I’ve been working through your courses for some years now and have been trying to target practice sections on the guitar. This lesson was one of the best from your e-mails. Real cool cord progression and nice position on the fretboard for soloing. Thanks!

    • Gerry

      It would still be nice to have the tab to THIS class and others when trying to learn them.

    • Vince

      You are one helluva teacher! Fantastic and much thanks for your insight. Some of your videos are worth their weight in gold.

    • Erv

      There was a bit of “Someone” in there too.

    • bob

      great lesson i keep forgetting that just do major over the 1 chord

    • Tony

      The 6 = the 3 of the 4 that’s why it works so well .. It’s a chord tone of the 4 ..

    • Dan

      I noticed Griff’s guitar fretboard is a bit finger oil stained where he tends to play, and is a reasonably good guide to where to solo!

    • wayne

      Great lesson – Definitely hear Peter Green – Need your Love So bad….

      • Tom

        Exactly. Great tune.

    • Eddie Lee

      Always good to open up with some Peter Green…

    • Ian Mansell

      Hi I don’t normally comment more of a covert stalker really. But probably one of the best videos you’ve done Griff on the basis that less is more & the subtle interchange of knowing the major/minor boxes and a simple half note bend can convey the simplicity of the blues, good for training the ear, but with a great chord sequence to bring out the blues melody. Thoroughly enjoyable will require several retakes to assimilate. I’ve played for over 50’yrs but never had a good ear and many bad habits, such as fretboard gymnastics with a rock background so a more minimalist approach will help to refocus & save finger tip wear. Thanks Griff. Ian Wirral UK

    • Mike

      Lightbulb moment, thanks Griff

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks Griff, good lesson as usual. Hit that area once in awhile, but not to this extent. I’m going to try to focus some improv solos only there and also try it in a couple of other keys. Thanks again and enjoy your day.

    • Jeff

      Boxes 3-4, a/k/a the “unknown” boxes. Boxes 3 and 4 rock. Thanks for the chords too…Ain’t Nobody’s Business But My Own. Nice lesson.

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