In a previous video we talked about using a ii-V instead of the V-VI in bars 9 and 10 of the 12 bar blues….

And in that video, I mentioned that the ii-V is often followed by a I-VI-II-V turnaround for the last 2 bars of the form.

Well, here’s that turnaround, plus a fun way to do it all with one chord shape.

In addition, we’ll cover a little bit of jazz harmony and chord substitution, along with a fun way to play the bass line into your looper and then play over top of it.

Enjoy, this one is jam packed!

And in the video I mention the How To Build Blues Songs course in case you want to check that out too.

    11 replies to "Jazz It Up – The I VI II V Turnaround (and more)"

    • Mark

      Griff, When are you going to have a sale on the Classic Rock course? You’re one heck of a guitar player BTW. Thanks! Mark

    • Karol

      Thank You Griff best regards from Poland.

    • Rox

      Listen to Tal Wilkenfeld. Very inspirational bass player.
      A blues bass course or even a rock bass course would be great!

    • john lawson

      Griff, Like this stuff as a little change of pace. A lot. Frankly, would like to see this as a stand alone lesson. Working my way through the Traveling Blues stand alone lesson now and this would be a nice addition. Just saying. Thanks, John…

    • Alexander Aliganga

      This lesson is a valuable thing to know. I love theory and I’m interested in knowing more. Thank you for this lesson.

    • Dee Carter

      Good timing! I had literally just printed out your Walking Bass in G lesson from the BGU website. I learned it a couple years ago but wanted to revisit it. Now I have the challenge of putting a cool solo with it. Thanks for this video!

    • tony

      A cool lesson using the Hendrix cord a half step down . Varied 12 bar blues is interesting . Will You ever do a lesson on slash cords like a D/F# . In some of today and yesterdays music they are used a lot.

    • DaveyJoe

      Also…check out Lesson 12 in The BGU Manual!

    • DaveyJoe

      Always dig the Jazz stuff Griff1 Cool!

    • Bruce

      I love this one Griff. I really like the jazzier blues stuff. I’ve been listening to Larry Carlton and Robben Ford stuff lately. A little over my head but I’d like to learn more about that style of blues. Cooler chord voices and diminished scales. So much to learn. I’ll work on this one today after I shovel the snow. Looks like you’re having a blast at NAMM.

    • MJ Grey

      Blues Bass Course? The opening of this video had a a riff that would work very well as a bass riff. I am not good enough to catch it, but it suggest that you could do a Blues bass class.

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