Too many people think that using the metronome is the first thing you should reach for when you practice…

And NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Sure, there are a LOT of reasons to use a metronome and you should probably be using one, if you’re ready for it.

Here is how to work with one, why to keep it simple, and some examples.

Hope you dig the video!

    18 replies to "How To Use A Metronome"

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff, I only use the metronome when I am learning a song, because I learn the song in parts, then when I can play all the parts, I start to practice with a metronome so that I can get close to the tempo of the song until perfect…well almost.
      In Blues and for BGU Lessons and practice I just count and that just gets it into my head. Being an ex drummer I have good timing BUT I still like the way you always use counting for BGU lessons and courses.
      Good lesson though.
      Michael-Sydney-Australia- 28 Jan 2020

    • Keith

      Excellent lesson
      I have trouble just counting as the bpm ups
      At 60 i’m ok with counting 16ths
      At 120 just trying to say the “one ee and a” I find really difficult
      What do you do as the tempo ups to really fast speeds?

    • Deep River

      Agree with all the comments here – if any science is “exact” it’s gotta be math. AND this was an extremely useful lesson. Timing is everything, and how I struggle with it. Now I am inspired to try the metronome with COUNTING as suggested. Thanks Griff!

    • Griff

      Just to clarify… my dad was a math professor before getting into computer science. I’m well aware that math is a very exact science and my comment was meant in jest.

    • Allen

      I’ve never used a metronome in my life and doubt I ever will.
      I’ve listened to music a long time and played a long time. I play what I think sounds good. So far so good. .

    • Woodchuck

      Thanks G, I’m an old timer but, new learner. Just want to say i admire your commitment to the art and your willingness to share with us. Truly selfless. Much appreciated!

    • Bob C

      I am amused by the “exact science ” comment. The inexactness, ie, uncertainty comes from the limit of the measuring device and the skill of the person performing the measurement. We are all trying to perfect our counting skill (and many of us need help).

    • Mark Latuso

      SRV lick or counting ahhhhhh… can’t be sexy all the time. You can’t have any SRV licks until you practice your counting. Great lesson much needed.

    • Alan

      Since becoming a BGU member I find myself unconsciously counting the beat in a song I’m listening to all the time. It’s a handy habit to get into.

    • Jack Flash

      LIKE WOW I NEEDED THAT. I have a metrodome with a pendulum for strumming but could not figure out what the clicks ment. And that counting thing I am still learning but this will help. I will put down my guitar and do this. I play by ear so I try to mimic the sound but this was SOOO HELPFULL….Thank You So Much..

    • James C Kuzo

      If Math is NOT an “exact science” You are Doing It Wrong…!!!

      My degree is Rocket Science…Penn State…Class of 1972…!!!

      • Danny

        He means well! But yeah, Math is pretty “exacting” and demanding; he was a music major, which was certainly demanding in itself. Now if I could understand music as well as I understood math …

    • Andrew Paquet

      Math is an exact science. Other than that, I found your lesson excellent.

    • GC

      Thanks for breaking it down.

    • Dave Weirup

      My wife thinks I am losing my mind. She keep catching me practicing counting to stuff on the radio and youtube. lol

      • Anton

        Never mind the math statement. This is a very valuable lesson on using the metronome. Timing is the most important aspect is playing music.

        Thank you Griff for all your advice and lessons. I have played guitar for over forty years and still enjoy learning.

        • Donovan Hulbert

          Hopefully we all learn rite up to the point that we die. With guitar and life as well.

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks Griff, appreciate all the lessons you provide. Actually was just working with a looper with the metronome lead in, so this helped.

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