A lot of us take it for granted when we hear that we’re going to start a blues song, “From the V…”

So in this video, I’ll show you what that means and give you a couple of examples of songs that use this idea.

    10 replies to "How To Start A Blues Song From The V"

    • Mike Mckim

      I really like your teachings. Thank you for all of your videos on YouTube. I’m already in a guitar course when I get done with said I might switch to your course thank you so much

    • E . Solecki

      I would appreciate if someone would introduce a course strictly for us old timers. The late 50’s and early 60’s songs are seldom presented in lesson form eliminating many of the greatest rock songs.

    • JohnnyB

      The Jack, by ACDC.

    • jim

      Well, that was fun! Griff always manages to add a little extra to every lesson.

    • Gary

      Nice lesson.

    • Wayne Thiessen

      I never thought of starting this way! For me it’s always been 1/4/5. Great idea, thx!


    • Ken

      Great lesson as always!

    • Randy Selby Sr

      That was so cool. Never really think of starting at the five. Usual progression for me is in order. But your video expanded that mindset of thinking how songs with the end at the beginning. Super cool. Always get so much out of your videos. Thanks for your time and experience and just making it fun.

    • Robert

      Thanks Griff, good lesson.

    • Interstate slim

      Thanks Griff, this was something I had not heard of before. Really do appreciate the quick early morning lessons. Enjoy your day.

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