So… yeah… from some folks I can hear the groans now…

But, when you dig into this tune a little bit, it’s got some cool stuff, and it’s worth your time to take the original recording apart a little with me and see how it’s put together.

And let’s face it, you’re going to play this song at some point, might as well learn it now 🙂

    15 replies to "How To REALLY Play Mustang Sally"

    • John garland

      Great tune griff but i have to say i have never heard it played like that allwas thoght it was a plain good old rock and roll tune lol ignorance is bliss however i will get to listhen to it again .

    • Alan

      By chance could you send tab?

    • Michael Chappell

      Hey Griff,

      Great lesson but have never come across playing this with a Guitar yet but as a previous drummer in bands during the 60’s I must have played this song quite a lot especially when I was the drummer in a Soul Band 7 member Band including Hammond and 3 horns etc this came up a lot.
      Was always a groovy song in the Pubs..
      Saved for later.


      Michael-Sydney-Australia Aug 16, 2020 – Stay safe all..

    • tony

      Yup the first thing was thinking it is a 24 bar blues funny . The commitments was a cool movie I got it. Since I got 3 guitarists in my band I just might throw this one at them . Thanks for this one .I always dug this tune .

    • Tom Strickland

      I really hear the organ. To me, out it, the sound isn’t there.

    • Michael J. McRae

      Great lesson, music doesn’t have to be complicated to be cool or fun :)! But as it goes, hey Griff, “Free Bird”!

    • Daniel posey

      Great lesson oldy but goody Picket owned that song,pure R&B at its finest!

    • Eddie

      Great lesson. Griff. You forgot to mention how to do the facial expressions when playing Mustang Sally. 😀

    • David Monasterski

      I’d like to see you do a lesson on “Tramp” by Otis Redding & Carla Thomas, circa 1967, Stax Records.

    • Richard

      BRAVO !!…I simply loved this lesson. Mustang Sally along with a number of songs we’ve all palyed at one time or another have become much meligned do to the fact that they keep coming up as requests, and I get it and have had similar feelings. But…haveing said that over the years I’ve personally found them to become great vehicles for improve while keeping in the origional parameters of the song and I almost always enjoy hearing someone elses take on these tunes…personally I find them mostly to be real musical treasures as well as insperation. I feel that as we grow musically it is essential to take a few moments to take a closer look at these gems of our past when we were not so encumbered with present day technology…

      Thanks again Griff

    • Gary

      Hey Griff you swipe my blue plaid shirt lol .

    • Mike H.

      Hey Griff – It could be a lot worse. At least they don’t call out Bohemian Rhapsody. Great lesson.

    • Jim Lane

      This is a great lesson. Good underlying stuff here about playing in the pocket…gets so overlooked. The one thing I disagree with is that maybe it is too long. I am not a betting man but if I were I would bet that you could do several more using this song and teach those of who don’t have the blues already imbedded in our DNA…many things about the “groove”.

    • John W

      The commitments is a great flick. Glen Haspard is a heck of a player and composer. Loved his character and guitar playing. Thanks for doing this lesson Griff.

    • Tom Carpenter

      I’ve been listening and playing this song since 1966 when Wilson Picket released it. Great choice!

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