Not much to say about this one except that it’s a classic, instantly recognizable lick that you should absolutely learn how to play for a lot of reasons…

Dig it!

    8 replies to "How To Play Smokestack Lightning"

    • Jim Russell

      A difficult one but perseverance is the key, as always you’re an inspiration.
      Cheers from across the pond.
      Jim Russell

    • Mike H.

      Keeping the thump going is the most difficult thing about it. You do it very well, Griff. I end up dropping a thump here and there, usually on beat one. Thanks for yet another good’n.

    • PJ McEwan

      Yes, it was Hubert Sumlin. Knew him well. He hung around Antone’s in Austin for about 10 years. Love this lick. Thanks.

    • Frank Shapiro

      Is there for this piece that you canshare

    • ScottyBlues

      Love it!!! Can’t wait to start working on this.
      Thanks Griff!

    • Dave Junior Adams

      Love how you make look simple

    • Larry

      You should provide tab for all of your lessons. It would be very helpful

      • Lee Shafer

        For free?

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