In an effort to put my money where my mouth is, I decided to do a video you can use on the daily to improve your counting and timing and subdividing beats on your guitar.

Obviously everyone is someplace different and for some folks this will seem obvious and easy, but I have a hunch that for most, it’ll be a struggle…

But please take the time and it will pay off in a big way down the line, I promise.

    10 replies to "How To Make Counting Part Of Your Day"

    • Ben

      Good one! Keep going!

    • J Duffey

      I learn when I listen, this was a great one for me. Thank you

    • david moon

      Griff- just after 3:00 you said “three groups of four”. Did you mean four groups of three?

    • Jack

      Good lesson for me. Just wondering, since we put our for down on the downbeat, that is as you mentioned, the one, two, etc., on which sub part should we raise it up before the next downbeat? The “and” or the “uh”? Thanks!

      • Jack

        Sorry, that should say “foot down”.

    • Jim

      This sounded really easy watching the video but when I grabbed my guitar and tried to do it, it was challenging. It will take me a while to get it up to full speed. I found myself singing the notes as I counted them. Maybe this will help with my singing too? It certainly couldn’t hurt. 🙂

    • Born2boogie

      OMD, well after over 50 yrs of playing still have problems with counting even after purchasing Rythmn figures engrained bad habit I suppose. It’s the old stroke the head whilst rubbing your tummy. I return to that course periodically, but I’m a lost cause.

      • Scott Snedeker

        Me too after 30 years of playing. I can’t count and play. My rhythm is like Steve Martin in the Jerk.

    • Joel C

      Thanks for lesson, what I need the most in my
      playing right now.

    • Howard Dreznin

      Great as always very helpful

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