While this is a fun little melody to learn and a cool tune…

I have an ulterior motive for showing it to you 🙂

We often talk about “playing on the porch” style stuff where you will be responsible for holding down the rhythm while, at the same time, attempting to play something that resembles a melody…

Because as you probably remember, you need 3 things to make music – rhythm, harmony, and melody.

Taking a little time to learn this would be SUPER beneficial if you’re more towards the beginner end of things…

And at the very least, fun if you’re more advanced.

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    • Bill

      I’ve only working on this song for about 8 months.
      I’ m gaining , I think.

    • Norman Maskery

      Nice tune Griff.
      Perfect timing.

    • Charlie

      Thanks for the great lesson and like you say ” timing is everything ” .

    • Jean-Pierre

      Hi Griff! Thanks for the lesson! I slowed down the speed to half of the original in order to catch up with the turn around and all of a sudden, you appeared as if you had emptied a full bottle of Jack Daniel’s so I could not help laughing. Try it and have fun!

    • Chris G

      Hi Griff, it’s nice to see you bring out the Gold-Top for a tune. We see a lot of the Suhr, and lately the ’69 Strat, and often the blue LP, and the 335, even the one that I think is a “Classic” LP called Laura (???), but the GOLD-TOP is rarely seen. Thanks for bringing it out. And thanks for Hideaway.
      Chris G socially isolating on the big island down South.

    • greg

      great lesson Griff. More lessons with this style of playing would really improve my overall playing ability.

    • Ed Burns

      Yes but……..the turnaround. It’s the most famous turnaround in blues. Great lesson Grif!

    • Grateful Fred

      Been explaining Copyright Law to teenage hippy musicians for many years….

      All the books and legal-beagles I’ve ever consulted say the same thing…
      Copyrighted materials presented in the Teaching environment are also protected by what’s known as: “FAIR USE” and are exempt from many restrictions.

      In other words…Educators are able to use these materials as teaching aids without having to pay royalties.

      You’re selling the ‘service’ …not the music…I was even told once that if ‘push came to shove’, Copyright holders should be paying for you the new exposure! (Of course, that’s not gonna happen anytime too soon).

      Perhaps you don’t want any hassle…but I doubt the BGU fan club will ever rat on you.
      There is a Caviat…A copyright notice and preferably the symbol, the date and owners name should be plainly visable.

      And thanx for the Hide Away lesson…never knew the first notes were an ‘Intro…and I had forgotten the ‘basement’ riffs.

    • Dennis Cassidy

      Why the “negative” comments about students saying they would like to see the tab for this lesson. Everyone is at different levels of ability but still really like the sound of Griffs playing and the message behind this lesson (incorporating rhythm and lead). Not everyone is obviously advanced as Ron, Steve, Jay H, and Rod. There was a time when you fellas didn’t know as much as you seem to know now.

    • Chris J CLEMANS

      Hi Griff, I always loved this tune and again you reinforced timing and how to to play rhythm and melody together thank you again!

    • Boyd

      The contribution that Griff continues to make to me and my beleaguered guitar playing is greatly appreciated.
      I’d like to weigh in (in the interest of understanding learning psychology) of are tabs needed versus learning strictly from the video. Our brains are wired differently as far as the absorbtion of knowledge. Some of us learn information (what it is and how it’s used) through the use of visually acquired language (they’re readers) while others have a well developed sense of hearing and learn best through the auditory. Since either method requires the information to be transferred to kinesthetic practice to demonstrate learning, we are sensitive to the methods we best learn with, whatever they may be. Class dismissed.
      Thanks again Griff.

    • Ron Stein

      No tab needed, he clearly explained it

    • Gerry

      Again, love this classes, would still like the TABs.


      • Steve M

        Ultimate tabs has the Clapton version tabbed (same as he did with Mayall) in the key of E, very similar to Griff

    • Alexander Aliganga

      Hey Griff, great video, learning your playing blues by yourself course and this really re enforces what you teach in that video. Thanks

    • David

      Er … What’s a Tab?

      • Old Galoot

        It’s a pictorial representation of the melody, putting numbers (representing the fret number) on a line. There are six lines representing the strings, and it’s read left to right.

    • Stephen Bowyer


    • George

      You are a kewl instructor, I look forward for your lessons and will continue to do so, however tabs are a big help?

    • tony

      Thanks for sharing

    • Steve

      Why would you need tab,he explains perfectly what and where he is playing,along with actually saying what notes he is playing even what frets and strings,for people that dont yet have the notes of the fretboard down ( something that you would do well to learn as early as possible) .
      Great lesson Griff Thanks,I have struggled to play rhythm and lead sometimes.

    • Steve M

      Griff- you are An amazing instructor and your timing is perfect!
      I was just starting to figure Hideaway out by ear! Thank you – WooHoo!

    • Jay h

      Cmon folks, make your own tab. It’s a good way to learn and their are inexpensive tab apps out there.

    • Grierson Collister

      Pity no tab. Even a download for the lesson would help.

    • Rod

      To those folk asking for a tab, perhaps if you can’t just listen and watch and gradually copy Griff and pick up the tune, it just shows you need some supportive lessons to build up to that level. Fortunately Griff, as you can see, is an excellent guitar tutor, and he offers a wide selection of lesson courses all priced very reasonably.. What more could you reasonably ask for?

      • Colonal

        we would ask why are you so selfish

    • Gerry henry

      Would love tab also cool song

    • Susan

      Really nice tune but the tab would make it.

    • Stephen

      The tab would help a lot, great piece of music.

    • Walter Sleight

      I really like this and would love to see a tab for it. Good for playing on the porch so to speak. How about it

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